10 Obscure Movies of World Cinema That Deserve More Attention (Part 2)

The second part in the recently introduced series of cinematic obscurities brings another ten titles you have likely missed, even though they are not to be dismissed. Similarly to its predecessor, this list includes the titles spanning from the 1960s to the 21st century, focusing on geographical and, therefore, cultural diversity. Besides, where else will […]

10 Great Movies From The 2010s No One Talks About

No matter how hard you try, it is virtually impossible to see everything that film industry and small workshops have to offer, whether you’re into mainstream, festival circuit or underground cinema. And if you are a very curious cinephile, then you probably often wish sleep weren’t a vital necessity. So, whatever your case may be, […]

20 Great Animated Movies from the 21st Century You Might Not Have Seen

With the emphasis on the lesser-known titles, this list provides a concise insight into the world of modern animation. From stop-motion to traditional techniques and from the arthouse to children’s fantasies, the article includes ten short and ten feature-length films conceived in different corners of the world. Whether the said medium is used for budgetary […]