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Taste of Cinema is not just another movie list website, our focus on World Cinema and Classics make us different. We make essential film lists introducing the best films from different filmmakers, countries, genres and eras, these in-depth lists not only serve as guides to good movies, but also give you a bigger picture and thorough understanding of the film culture about a certain country, genre or cinema movement. If you dig all the lists on the site, you will find yourself unable to finish watching all the TOC film recommendations in your lifetime.

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  • This is so much a comment as a request. I’m trying to locate an old Chinese movie I saw. I borrowed the movie from my local library and found it very moving. Story of a family’s struggle in rural China set in (guessing) 1930s — 50s? Movie itself was B&W probably from the 50s. Lead character is the woman/mother/daughter that single-handedly carries the family through war & famine, toiling the land to scrape by. I think the husband abandoned them (or was conscripted) but returns some years later. It’s a long shot – but you seem to know your Chinese movies and I’m at my wit’s end. Thanks.

    • Hi Moos,based on the info you provide,I’m pretty sure I have not seen it before.However,I will reach my film buddies for help,will let you know the result ASAP!!

    • I think I have already found the answer: A Sping River Flows East ,let me know if this is the name you are looking for.

  • Hey you!

    It’s amazing here! Très bien! I will come here once I have time or I need dig out more movie, as we did before.

    Kinda missing you. Maybe see you in CC or BJ someday. Talk soon. =)

    • Oh,I have already lost faith in you,when are you gonna finish my movies?
      We may return to BJ next month,c u then!!

  • Red Lagoon

    Dear Taste of Cinema! I believe that your article was just stolen by Yahoo UK! Here is the link:

  • You don’t have a search function. I had linked to a list called 10 All-Time Best Movies to Give You Itchy Travel Feet. The link is broken and now I can’t find it to correct the link. Help. Is it removed?

  • Hey, ToC, I’ve been watching your lists for a while and I enjoy reading them every now and then. Seeing that your editors have such knowledge of cinema, I was wondering if you can help me find a movie I saw a long time ago. It became one of my all time favorites, I think I obsess about it maybe too much, but I never knew it’s name, I only saw it only once and not from the beginning. So, should I describe it? Or maybe you’re not in the “movie guessing” service?

    • Knulp

      Try to describe it and someone might be able to help you find it. Now you’ve made me curious.

      • When I started to watch it, this young woman, curly reddish hair (I think) was trying to hide from a stalker (some 40 years old dude, dressed in black, dark clothes, wearing also a black beanie) that was pursuing her in the middle of the day. Eventually she gets inside a clothes shop, where she manages to escape the stalker and hooks up with a young man that she takes home. There is a mildly erotic scene here, with her lowering over the guy’s face.
        The next morning she wakes up hearing some noises in the house and finds that the stalker broke in. They fight for a while until she manages to hit him in the head with a golf club. The problem is, later she finds out she actually killed the young man. This happening doesn’t really shock her. She rolls the dead body in a carpet and leaves it in the house while strolling around town (I think). After a few days a black female friend of hers comes to her place to check on her (probably missing from work?), only to find a stinking house. On the balcony the woman fights her stalker, which tries to roll a power cord around her neck to hang her. However alternative views of the scene reveal that she’s actually “fighting” herself, and it all ends with her falling over the balcony, hanging on the power cord.

        I’ve seen this film probably 10 years ago or so, which means it is older, and it was a color film. ’70s? ’80s? Can’t figure. Any hints?

        • michele3g

          Wow, now I want to see it!

          • Yeah, tell me about it… I started browsing IMDB at some point until I got bored and hopeless.

          • Marc Tams

            This sounds like a Giallo movie to me. There are lots of Giallo websites out there. I’ll try to pin down the plot you’ve described and get back to you.

          • Man, at least you gave me some direction. I’ll Google “Giallo”, but if you can narrow it down it would be awesome!

          • Marc Tams

            This guy, Brian Collins, is a mad Giallo fan. I’ve been following his blog for years. If anyone would know it’s him

        • welp, i typed “movie about woman stalking herself” into Google and all i got back was “Never Talk To Strangers”, which is probably NOT the movie you’re looking for.

          dunno if you’ve tried Yahoo!Answers, but that’s a pretty good place to ask questions like this.

      • heavyshift

        I’d like to butt in about another film, that I don’t know the name of: A nitty gritty Mexican film about a heist of cash transfer at lightly guarded warehouse. Four culprits, plus one of the guards who has been bought off and is in on the thing, plus the moll waiting back at the house in the rough neighborhood After the initial robbery, from then on it is double cross after double cross. They stop by a filthy ravine in the city for the guard to take a leak; he gets knocked off. Then the 2 older thieves start drinking tequila with the 2 younger ones; young guys get poisoned. Back at the house, with the two old friend thieves, we find out the big guy’s moll has been doing the other guy as well, and they try and take down the big guy for the ching. Blew my mind.

        Also, kind of ingenious bit at the end credits; they ran the entire film again, at high speed, behind them (not sure if it ws forward or reverse).


  • Okaris

    I remember reading a list here about the different action stars in each
    decade (1960s to 2000s), what their traits were, and how they’re
    defined. Anyone know the link to that list? Can’t seem to find it

  • hunko mukho

    Taste of Cinema rarely mentions directors and actors from South-Asia or India…Do you something against the subcontinent?

    • Rachel Helena

      Perhaps they need writers with an in depth perspective about film from the area? You should look into it, maybe you can contribute 🙂

  • Scott Wise

    Hey guys. I’d hate to do this, but I noticed a typo in your about: “We make essential film lists introducing the best films from different filmmakers, countries, genres and eras, these in-depth lists not only serve as guides to good movies, but also give you a bigger picture and thorough understanding of the film culture about a certain country, genre or cinema movement.” —> change it to “…countries, genres and eras. These in-depth…”. Other than that … awesome website. I really love it!

  • Calculon 3.0

    How about a list of farces like Ruthless People, Chicago, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, etc…

  • Leonardos Leonardos

    Hello.I am a random reader of your site and I find it one of the best websites about cinema.Can I send you a list of my film choices and been published?I have not that list right now but I do have many ratings on my IMDB profile and there are certain films that I would recommend to all cinema-lovers.

  • Zeroing Oneis

    hi . I m looking for a film can u help?its over a decate i ve seen it so i guess it s nineties film,All the action take place in drug dealers house.the drug dealer is not on the house when a costumer comes ,his wife gave him to sniff a line of cocaine while he waits for the dealer.another comes to the house ,someone somehow retarted(i dont know any better word)to speak with the dealer because he beat up retarted’s brother and know his paralysed.Another comes to the house and wait for the dealer too and i think they get high all together and they play russian rulette at the end dealers child shoots his mother and fall asleep.sorry for my poor english.

  • Zeroing Oneis


  • Nancy Hall

    Maybe somebody should review these lists before posting them. There’s a shockingly racist comment in the post titled ” The 10 Most Overrated Movies of the Past Decade.” Here’s what the author said about 12 Years a Slave.

    “And speaking of Spielberg, even Amistad (1997), may be better then 12 Years A Slave. It is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black. The result is: Too much violence and less art.

  • Quality shows ..

  • Please get rid of the annoying pop-up asking people to Like the Facebook page.

  • Rick Callahan

    I LOVE this site. I always click on the links on Facebook to come read the lists. However, I had to reengage adblock for this page because the self playing/expanding videos/ads are untenable. I don’t mind ads. You can put ads all over the page, but ads that are constantly changing the location of the text that I’m trying to read are unacceptable to me. I had adblock turned off for your page as I like to support good sites. But there is a limit.

  • Karthik Maharajan
  • Gloria Monti

    this site employs writers who plagiarize other people’s work. for example, the entry on italian diva films is lifted from *film history: an introduction* by david bordwell and kristin thompson (46-47). shameful.

  • Rebeca Mansur Vieira

    Hey taste of cinema! You should do a top list of movies that represent indigenous communities, like Sami Blood. Movie that faithfully represent them, please.