10 Great Recent Movies On Netflix You May Have Missed

The way a film ages has fundamentally changed over the last ten years. No longer does a film’s initial theatrical run and first round of DVD sales determine its longevity, as the advantageous nature of streaming services allow for more rapid critical reevaluations. Certainly, cult films exist for a reason, as they are supported by […]

All 20 Best International Film Oscar Winners of The 21st Century Ranked

While the Academy Awards have always been favorable towards English language films, it has also honored some of cinema’s most iconic international films since the Academy first created a separate category for foreign language films in 1956. Filmmakers including the likes of Almodovar, De Sica, and Kurasowa have all received the Academy Award for Best […]

The 10 Best Horror Movies Produced By Blumhouse

Blumhouse Studios has become synonymous with horror movies and, for over a decade, James Blum’s production company has given us some of the most successful modern horror films. Made on small-budgets and becoming box-office hits, the Blumhouse horror films have proved that you don’t need much money in order to make a top-grossing movie. Of […]