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Who are you? What kind of person are you? Are you the same person as you were a decade ago? Will you be the same person a decade later? These questions, simple enough, are questions that plagues even the most sophisticated of individuals. Questions that trigger sporadic bursts of mild existential plight. Questions that, woefully enough, are not answered by… Read more »

23 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Let’s get one thing out of the way: not everyone understands Rotten Tomatoes. It’s easy to lump it in with IMDb and Metacritic when in reality it’s an aggregator that solely exists to say whether a movie deserves a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It doesn’t seek to tell people the degree of excellence or ineptitude. Rather, it seeks… Read more »

22 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Making a feature film is a difficult and impressive accomplishment. Sure, some have been made in three days or less, but others have had their production stages last several years before their completion. The size of the cast and crew can often dictate the speed at which a film can be completed. But making 50 feature length films? That is… Read more »

22 April 2018 | Features, People Lists

For most directors, releasing one great film in a year is an ambitious enough feat. Here are ten directors who were not satisfied with that accomplishment and released not one but two great films in a single year.   10. Steven Soderbergh – 2000 – “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” each garnered five Academy Award nominations, earning… Read more »

21 April 2018 | Features, People Lists

In his “History of Cinema,” investigator and historian Román Gubern explained that cinema, and more specifically the cinema industry, was built on the bases of myth. In other words, he claimed that films were crafted in order to achieve commercial success through the compliance of certain narrative schemes, originated since the dawn of man. The films were made following a… Read more »

21 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

There was a time, not all that long ago, when films, or “movies”, were not taken too seriously, certainly not as an art form. Perhaps cinema, as a viable art form, can thank television for coming along and taking the place at the bottom of the cultural arts heap. (However, artistically, TV is coming into its own, perhaps because such… Read more »

20 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Film is a extremely varied medium; there are films that entertain us with such effectiveness that we forget about the real world and we are left without a single moment to think. Other films have other intentions and are crafted in such a way that we constantly think about the consequences of what we are seeing. The interest of these… Read more »

19 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Different films represent different moods. We can watch a comedy when we’re depressed, or we can watch our favourite arthouse film when we feel like thinking a little more deeply. Certain films are great for alleviating anger: it’s arguably why films like the action movie or the gangster film have persisted. It gives the viewer a great 2 hours to… Read more »

19 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

A menacing horror movie set in a pitilessly silent world, director John Krasinski’s latest film A Quiet Place is also a fine sample of smart sci-fi, solidly buttressed by arresting human drama. Written by the genre specialists/screenwriting duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (Nightlight [2015]), Krasinski, who further developed the screenplay with them, also co-stars along with brilliant actress… Read more »

18 April 2018 | Features, Other Lists

Since its early years, cinema has been in a constant search for its identity. Constant definition on what and what is no cinema has shaped it history made of film movements and isolated authors who in a moment or another have wanted to push the expressive boundaries of this language. Here is a list of 10 great films that have… Read more »

18 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Phantom Thread is another great film in Paul Thomas Anderson’s already stellar track record as a filmmaker. It’s also somewhat of a departure for him. There are definitely similarities between Phantom Thread and his previous films, but his latest feels noticeably distinct. Anderson has publicly acknowledged his fondness for Turner Classic Movies, and nowhere in his filmography is that more… Read more »

17 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Being a film director, especially an influential one, is a feat only a chosen few can achieve. But what makes a director truly great? Without a doubt, every director has a different style and approach to filmmaking, often pioneering new techniques and points of view. The following directors have almost no common standpoints, with each one introducing his own style,… Read more »

17 April 2018 | Features, People Lists

War has been a favorite topic of cinema from the very beginning of the medium. Few experiences can compare to the extremes of war, the stakes are huge and few subjects make for such compelling narratives. It’s no coincidence that Hollywood’s Golden Age ran right through World War II, starting in the mid-thirties and continuing on to the early fifties…. Read more »

16 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Definitely the best actor of his generation, Daniel Day-Lewis is the only male actor to win the Best Actor Oscar winner three times as an outcome of an astonishing career, in which he gave cinematic life to many different characters, some of whom are already considered classics. Born in a multicultural (British – Irish – Jewish – Polish) and artistic… Read more »

16 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Certainly part of the allure that goes along with films is the incredible impact they can have on popular culture and along with that, the value movies can hold as social currency. I was a teenager living in the sticks when Pulp Fiction came out and I remember hitchhiking through a blizzard and back to get to the big city… Read more »

15 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists

When Call Me By Your Name was released last year, it very quickly became one of 2017‘s best films, winning an Oscar and earning a couple nominations along the way. It’s essentially a film about a brief romantic affair, but one of the most notable aspects about the film is its beautiful scenery. It’s arguable that if the film were… Read more »

15 April 2018 | Features, Film Lists