The 20 Best Thriller Movies of All Time

It’s easy to understand why every generation of cinemagoers shells out for thriller movies that will get their hearts racing. This catchall term encompasses a great variety of subgenres, from sweeping crime epics to suspenseful psychodramas, which makes it hard to pin down what exactly falls under its vast umbrella, and even harder to round […]

All 6 Andrew Dominik Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

For better or worse, Andrew Dominik is on everyone’s lips following his long-anticipated Marilyn Monroe biopic starring Ana de Armas. Based on Joyce Carol Oates’ eponymous, if also widely disputed, 700-page novel, ‘Blonde’ trails the legendary actress’ trajectory from her troubled childhood, rise to stardom, and tragic death. Upon its world premiere at Venice, when […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Quentin Tarantino

If stealing is indeed the sign of a great artist, then Quentin Tarantino is by far the best of them all. In the past twenty years throughout a tenfold catalog, the former video store has littered his work with a barrage of nods, thinly-veiled homages, and shameless pastiches of everything from ’40s classic film noir, […]

10 Great Independent Sci-fi Films You Probably Haven’t Seen

Science fiction has yielded many great films over the past decades, from arthouse cult classics to mainstream blockbusters. Whereas these films continue to attract large audiences, many independent sci-fi films have garnered much less attention. This list will shine a light on the lesser-known sci-films of the past 50 years, from Japan to France. This […]

10 Great Movies Made By Infamously Bad Directors

As cinefiles, it’s relatively easy to come up with a list of generally unfavored directors. But that’s too easy, and “punching down” isn’t what true film criticism is about. So in the interest of keeping things interesting, as well as fair, what about a list of the good films they’ve made? That’s significantly more interesting, […]