10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked Sergio Leone

The impact of Sergio Leone’s filmography is colossal. Many of Leone’s signature touches from his classic Man with No Name trilogy become norms in the Western genre. Ultimately, his tragically short filmography leaves one wanting  more. Fortunately, a quick Google search of popular spaghetti westerns can offer a long list of films that very closely […]

All 20 Best Picture Winners of The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

The Academy Awards have changed considerably in the 21st Century. What is seen as an “Oscar movie” has changed considerably, and thanks to longer awards seasons that put more emphasis on festival debuts, the eventual winners are often determined based on the aggressive studio marketing campaigns. The award for Best Picture is often a representation […]

10 Great Cult Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Everyone has heard of Freddy, Jason, and Michael, but have they heard of the Guitar-Drill Killer, outlaw biker satanic werewolves, bum-melting alcohol, or Belial? Well, they should, especially if they are a fan of horror. A lot of great horror franchises have received worldwide theater releases and are known and loved by many around the […]