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19 May 2019 | Other Lists

It has been long argued through decades that a film is not a mere visual representation of a story, it is more than that. A film encompasses several traits in its favor, which any other form of art can’t ever reciprocate because of their linearity. A motion picture often uses the long and intellectual process of combining the arts of… Read more »

26 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Since the earliest days of cinema the science fiction genre has flourished, capturing the imagination and commanding impressive box office receipts along the way. But not all great populist SF has been widely seen, become a large scale franchise, or been a big event film with A-list stars. Some get released and lost in the shuffle or get forgotten about… Read more »

26 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

It’s okay to feel sad during movies. Hell, a lot of movies are designed to make us feel sad. Movies like A Star Is Born, Room, and Blue Valentine tell heartbreaking stories, and they do so in a way that just works. That can’t be said about all movies though. Some movies are so disgustingly sentimental, it feels like they… Read more »

25 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

‘’I work for the public, for the people who are paying to go to the cinema, rather than for the critics.” – Kevin Costner In hindsight, one can still look back endearingly at once Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Costner, declaring such words the way a politician expresses admiration and undying duty to … the people. As History has documented, however, Mr… Read more »

25 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Horror is an interesting cinematic genre. For one thing, it seems hundreds of horror movies are made every year, relatively cheaply and relying on jump scares and special effects. But much like comedy, Horror is constantly changing as the breadth of things that scare us widen and change just as the world changes. This list will highlight some fantastic horror… Read more »

24 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

The words “anti-audience” are often employed to describe works of cinema that exist at the viewer’s expense, pieces that were created for the sole purpose of confusing and tricking the audience. On the other end of the spectrum exist works that cater to the audience to a degree of condescension, that hold their hand while wasting screen time explaining things… Read more »

24 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Cult cinema is an extremely broad term. By definition, cult classics are films that have acquired a subculture or a following that keep the film alive for the years to come. These films are often unsuccessful or misunderstood upon initial release, but gain more traction within certain communities of film watchers later on. Many cult films have attained such a… Read more »

23 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

David Fincher is one of the most interesting filmmakers today. He redefined the genre of neo-noir in terms of content, and he creates perfect atmospheres with his challenging unique cinematography. A director gives his own darkness to his characters and annoys the audience, and in Fincher’s films, we often see characters that are obsessively dedicated to solving secrets. He has… Read more »

23 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

The 21st century has seen the film industry take great strides in special effects and technology. The formula is so readily available and accessible these days that every other science fiction flick feels a big studio-financed project. Despite these advancements, films that do succeed are the ones with smart writing and original conceptualization. This list is an attempt to identify… Read more »

22 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

A lot of films that considered classics have managed to transcend time, push the boundaries of filmmaking and create a unique cinematic language. Here is a list of some movie classics you have probably never seen.   10. Vivement Dimanche! (1983) “Vivement Dimanche!” (or “Confidentially Yours”) is the swang song of the legendary French director François Truffaut. While Truffaut was… Read more »

21 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Following in the footsteps of other recent lists of overlooked and underseen genre films, this list celebrates transgressive cinema and their brave fans that enjoy films unafraid of being brutal, nasty, and nonconforming. Horror films, when done right, deal time and again with mankind’s own dark psychology and have proven repeatedly that horror is truly a director’s genre. Luminaries like… Read more »

20 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

Sometimes you’re not looking for an easy movie; you don’t want the same old stories. You’re tired of the silly and frivolous films that come out all over the world every year. This is the list of the best 21st century art house movies, ranked in chronological order. It’ll give you a different perspective on cinema, and hopefully, it’ll make… Read more »

19 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

There’s a lot of reasons why we love film. We love the sense of escapism, we love rich stories and compelling characters, we love great performances, explosive action, to laugh, to cry or to scare ourselves silly. No matter where our preferences lie, here, one thing we all have in common is film. But often the most relatable are the… Read more »

18 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

For close to two decades now the 21st century has proven to be a great new era for horror fans as we’ve been experiencing something of a horror renaissance. Sure there have been sequels nobody asked for, franchises that just won’t die, and trends we’ve grown tired of (torture porn and zombie films, we’re looking at you!), but there’s also… Read more »

16 May 2019 | Features, Film Lists

According to several manuals of screenplays from the United States, a film is divided into three acts. The first: the beginning, the presentation of the film universe that will come to be explored during the duration of the film. The next: the development of a possible conflict presented in the first act; it is where the climax lies. The latter:… Read more »

15 May 2019 | Features, Other Lists