The 10 Best Directorial Debut Horror Films

The Witch

A well-received directorial debut can jump-start a successful career for an otherwise unknown filmmaker. However, countless examples of debut failures prove that this is no easy feat. More often than not, a debut film is dictated by a relatively low budget and a restricted script, making it even more difficult and intimidating for a director […]

The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies

Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving’s like the awkward middle child that’s always forgotten. This underrated American Holiday isn’t as flashy as the other two big ones, but Thanksgiving still manages to be an absolute blast- the perfect time to eat pie, chow down on turkey, visit relatives, and if you’re in Sweet Home Alabama, […]

10 Visually Striking Films You May Have Never Seen

Cinema is first and foremost an optical medium. The visual language that a film creates should be unique, memorable, and give its audience information beyond just recording the action onscreen. The best cinematographers create a unique world in their films making them stand out from the rest. Just say “Psycho” and people will immediately conjure […]

The 10 Most Profound Films of The 21st Century

An inherently subjective premise deserves to be acknowledged as such – one person’s “profound” is another person’s “pretentious”… and it’s sure to be someone’s “petty.” But in our view, the topic is of relatively little importance when qualifying something as profound; rather, the effectiveness with which that subject is examined is of primary concern. Movies […]

10 Great South Korean Films You May Have Never Seen

Following Parasite’s Best Picture win at the Oscars, South Korean cinema is arguably receiving more attention than ever. While the works of Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook are both pretty established cinematic touchstones at this point, it feels important to continue to celebrate South Korean cinema. This list will observe important works little seen outside […]