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Write For Us and Get Paid


We are looking for new writers this summer! If you’re good at making film lists and want a platform to share it with more than 600,000 movie fans, we want you to join Taste of Cinema as a contributor!

We’re gathering a team of passionate and skillful writers to join us in bringing high-quality content to the millions of monthly readers that visit Taste of Cinema.

In exchange for posting, contributors will have the opportunity to promote and link their organization, website, social media, books, or products in a prominent author byline that will be seen by thousands on each post they write.

If you don’t have anything to promote, we will PAY YOU for the list. The more clicks it gets, the more we will pay you. You can ask us about the details in the application.

You can write one or several lists for us, or you can choose to be a regular contributor. The number of lists you contribute to our site is totally flexible.

To apply for this, you can send an email to David (email address: Please let us know the following in your email:

1. Your age and occupation?

2. Can you tell us your favorite films/directors/actors/genres?

3. What’s your writing experience?

4. How long have you been following Taste of Cinema? (assuming you do…but it’s fine if you don’t — we might still like you).

5. If you were a TOC contributor, how often would you post?

6. If you were a TOC contributor, what ideas do you have for your first list? (this is important, so think carefully)

We are also looking for list video makers who can make and narrate (you don’t have to write the list) a list video. If you are interested in this position, please answer questions 1-5 above (it would be “video making experience” in question 3) and send the links to your video samples to David (email address: Of course this is also a paid job, we will discuss more details in the emails.

Last thing, don’t forget to check out your inbox after sending us the email, we will reply to your application within a week (if we think you are the right person to write for us). 



  • paras

    hi friend i want to write guest post for you because i am a fan of
    your blog due to your hardwork and also want becz of that i have some
    posts related to movies . so if you want that i will write for you as a
    guest post contact me ( i think good response
    will come from your site.


    paras bhanot

  • sandrashevey

    Yes…I could do a post a week at 500 words. But there would have to be some form of compensation.

  • Matthew Bailey

    1. 39. Own my own Italian Ice/Frozen Custard business
    2. Anything from Malick to Tarantino to John Hughes
    3. English major with Creative Writing Emphasis. Wrote features for a local newspaper.
    4. Just discovered your site, via a friend. Am checking it out as much as I can today.
    5. Could post once a month no problem. More depending on desired word count.
    6. Some examples of my writing.

  • Linda Nagle

    I’ve just emailed a summary of my awesomeness.

    • Gargi

      Good luck to you, ma’am! Your confidence is killer.

  • Edgardo Costa Madeira

    21 fantastic french romance films … and “Emmanuelle” is not in this list …

  • davidjohnwerner
  • Hello Taste of cinema!

    Hats off for your service!

    your top 25 film composer list honored by ilayaraja.

    And we are regretted for gave him 9th place. For his soul mixed music composition 9th place is so bad.

    Pls watch this sample music of Maestro.

    hope you revise the list of 25.

    we are expecting!

    Thank you!


  • Anand

    A R Rahman name is missing in the list. On what basis, 25 film composer was chosen? Based on the number of movies???? Of course i m happy for the great Illaiyaraja.

  • Kumar Muralidharan

    Where is R.D.Burman, MSV, A.R.Rahman… Shame on Taste of Cinema>>>

  • Sebastián Andrés Soto Salas

    I can write in spanish, but then again who reads articles in spanish.

    • Faby

      Me too. I can write in spanish and I Know many people who read this articles they speak (read) spanish, Maybe, write the articles in spanish or maybe do the translation can be a new idea.

    • Fabian Reyes

      I can write in both, english and spanish. Or translate too.

    • Maria C.

      Y bueno escriban en ambos idiomas, alguien lo va a leer 😛

  • Gregory Spera

    Great. Maybe now you can hire someone who doesn’t think ‘Midnight Cowboy’ is a western.

  • Sreedhar

    Can you please suggest me the films which have only two or three charters?

  • lovethetech

    What happened to top 25 composers list? Disappeared? Market intervention?secular forces.

  • Manya Wren


  • Sent 🙂

  • francisco4alvarez
  • Kim Negi

    i can discuss and write about biopics and documentaries. i have knowledge about Indian cinema and contemporary Indian film culture.

    • Santhosh Jetty

      hey if you are interested we could work on the similar blog

  • Diego Rangel

    that’s a great idea, in fact most of my friends in college see this page because we know English, but if they had items in Spanish would be madness. 😀

  • John Newton

    Hi, I love discussing writing about movies. Here is an example of some of my writing there are some news articles and some reviews also. Most recently ‘The Maze Runner’. Thanks, John.

  • w_nu50

    I am Thai so far from you but this is my paper model action

  • Karttikeya Bihani

    I have too, sent you an email with an interest in becoming a write on here.

  • MIR

    How much do you pay contributors?

  • MIR

    I WANT YOU TO PAY ME for my writing… ‘Cause you know… A girl’s has got to eat…

  • Wendy

    why do i not find the 25 greatest composers of World of cinema.It was there earlier

  • morricone

    why have you removed 25 greatest film music composers list. any pressure or something from some influential composer who was not worth it but insisted that his name should be in the list. that list was 100% accurate. be bold and please put it back.

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  • morricone

    Why are you people scared to put back the list of the 25 best film music composers. come on guys. lift your chest up and put it back. Ennio was and is the best and the remaining 24 deserve to be in the list. Dont get cowed down.

  • I’m not good at making lists but I can translate in Italian. Or write reviews since I have my own blog

    • Tirth Laskar

      Visited your blog and I just wanna say:

      Marry me! 😀

    • Bik

      You have a great blog. Kudos.

  • Rod Sáez Chávez


  • Christopher Carter

    If following directions is part of the “vetting” process, I imagine some commentators here hope Hiring Director/manager won’t see this.

  • I have a question.. Do minors like me are allowed to apply for this? I’m just only 17 years old but I’m a 1st year Film student from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (Philippines). Thank you for your response.

  • I have sent them mail twice, they didnt replied yet!

    • Seán Walsh

      I have also not received any reply :/

  • Jonathan H. Kantor

    Submitted an application via email 😀

  • waiting for a reply.

  • José Israel

    Hi. I wrote an e-mail two days ago… Should resend it?

  • José Israel

    I wrote two days ago… Should I resend it or… I´m incompetent? Jaja

  • Jen Raywalt

    Honestly, I’d want to re-write that character actors list. No females on it, & there are a LOT of wonderful actors missing off the list..

  • Jonathan H. Kantor

    Submitted an email about a month ago with no response yet…

  • Emir Kalac

    I am bad at writting but it would made make me happy if some one could make a list of best stage to film adaptaions 🙂

  • Sergio Augusto Dos Santos

    Would you like a list of films that connect homosexuality psychopathy to exemplify an academic paper.

  • *waves hand* I AM the writer you’re looking for.

  • Jeff Howard

    Graduate in Cinema and Photography and have seen more films than most, however, this stupid idea of “The 20 Best” or whatever is just ludicrous, list are good but calling them best is WRONG.

  • Akshay Bhanot

    i m no good with words know nothing about film craft and even about production houses specially apart from bollywood but the taste of a brilliant film …i can smell it.

  • Akshay Bhanot

    and must say your site impresses me the most your movies list matches with my fav. film collection with amazing numbers..just what i am lookin for …

  • Miguel Pinto

    I emailed my letter 3 days ago

  • Neal Damiano

    I write top 10 lists for
    Neal Damiano

  • Utopian Hermit Crab

    What you need is an editor.

  • Abrar Adib

    It has been 2 months, still no reply!

  • hannan khan

    hey Mr.taste of cinema your taste is awsome but where are comedy movies … i havnt seen much comedy lists … you people can make thousandz of comedy lists … acctually im Epileptic and mostly im in deep depression thats the simple reason for me

  • Sky Kite

    interested (y)

  • Nathan D

    I sent an email to you guys three days ago and no response. Is there an updated email or something?

  • vishal

    you guys never responded to my mail

  • Garlin Vincent

    I can write a lot about Malayalam Movies in English language. Would there be any use here? I follow this website regularly.

  • lukas bielan

    with all due respect, your article of the best dip’s…Robert Elswit did not shoot The Master…Mihai Malaimare Jr. did…

  • Kevin

    Considering that I am physically disabled and pretty much do nothing but watch movies and read books, I am thinking about applying for this. I have read TOC on and off but not thoroughly.Before I submit an application, I think it would be prudent to review previous articles to insure that my first list ideas don’t overlap or contribute a topic that has already been covered.

    I have noticed that it has been two years since anyone has posted here (with a few exceptions from responses), so I am not sure if this request for writing is still active or not. It would be get a response about the status of TOC still looking for writers. I am a writer for and plus a few other websites.

  • carolina fuentes ibarburu

    Les escribí y nunca me contestaron!!!

  • cumluvr

    This Zou character is sketchy AF.

    I emailed him with my CV and ideas for lists, he replied asking me for the titles in my top list, I replied with 30 titles and never heard from him again.

    He’s clearly fishing for ideas. Furthermore he’s published lists made up entirely of descriptions plagiarized word for word from Criterion Collection descriptions.

    It’s the risk you run when applying for this kind of thing but this guy has a well-established history of sketchy behavior. Don’t send him specifics.

  • I emailed a week ago but no reply…. does this mean I’m rejected?

  • blogloudly

    Pay close attention to your email inbox.

  • David Van Morgan

    They published my article and up untill today I’ve not received my payment.Similar stories???????????????

  • Talida Tămaș

    I’ve sent an application and it’s been two weeks and no response. What does this mean?

  • Adam

    I m very passionate about reading books articles and Blogs. I read your Blogs many times because i get many new things to know from your end. I shall be very thankful to you for this. I am also having a movie website to know more please visit

    • Joseph DeGregorio

      Hi Adam. Are you referring to a film article that I wrote for Taste of Cinema?

      Joseph DeGregorio

  • gaurav bhatia

    didn’t got a reply from you guys

  • Francisco Tijerina

    If you want some nice content for spanish/latin fans in TOC, please check my work writing about great topic in cinema here:

    I really love have some contributions here.

  • Andrew Josan

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    tv portal for pc

  • Mauro DS

    I despise how they lure you in with ‘paid articles’ yet you never hear from them again when you mention it after publishing two elaborate articles on their website. I would keep this in mind when signing up.

    • Alisa Zora Zi

      They don t pay?

  • Yash
  • Darlene Amor

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  • Sakthi Sathya
  • micheale dome

    The smartphone game that took the internet by storm in one day. When it was launched, it was on fire, YouTubers, viners, bloggers, and everyone couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

  • Albie Hay

    How old do you have to be to be eligible for this job?