The 10 Most Underrated Movies of 2023

2023 was the year of “Barbenheimer”, an unlikely double-feature showdown that caught on as a social media craze and dominated multiplexes last summer to become the biggest theater-going experience in recent memory. Last year also saw the return of veteran household names in Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Todd Haynes, and Hayao Miyazaki. And […]

All 8 Alexander Payne Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

While not as flashy as the most celebrated auteurs of today, whenever Alexander Payne releases a new film, it is a worthy event for cinephiles. As a director working in the realm of dramedies that are equally humorous and downbeat, Payne, whose new film, “The Holdovers,” has been nominated for Oscar Best Picture this year, […]

10 Great Recent Movies That May Become Future Cult Favorites

Hop on Fandango near Halloween and you’ll likely find a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Follow Greg Sestero on social media and you’ll likely see posts about the latest Q&A screening of The Room. Add a quote from The Big Lebowski to your Tinder bio and see how many messages you receive. These […]