9 Great Movies That Judge You For Watching Them

The idea of meta-cinema is nothing new. It helps to create additional layers of commentary in the film and helps the directors expose universal truths regarding cinema. Clever filmmakers are using this brilliant and effective device for years and there is no hint of an end. One example can be especially enlightening, although they belong […]

10 Great Cult Movies Favored By Quentin Tarantino

Whatever one’s age may be, it’s the same for everyone that an endless stream of films are waiting to be discovered. Considering the age of cinema, the number of masterpieces that have been created and forgotten because of the transitory nature of time is unanticipated, by even the greatest fortune teller. There is a pile […]

10 Great Film Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Whilst the slightly oxymoronic title may have a minority of you convinced that this list couldn’t be worth reading, just hold on! This week, this title will be slightly morphed to fit some new intentions. This will be ten films that would likely be considered classics if only more people saw them, mainly just because […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films You May Have Never Seen

The science fiction genre has always flourished throughout the history of cinema, capturing the imagination and commanding impressive box office receipts along the way. But not all great SF has been widely seen, become a large-scale franchise, or been a big “event film” with A-list stars. Some get released and lost in the shuffle or […]

10 Great Recent Films You May Have Missed

It is not exaggerated to say that a great number of movies which premiere at International Film Festivals have a short life. Most of them are low-budget arthouse productions that, because of their independent nature, are unable to obtain a proper release in worldwide theaters, which are normally dominated by Hollywood blockbusters. This list presents […]