10 Popular Horror Movies That Aren’t Really Scary

We are living in the golden age of horror. The output of the genre was always proliferous, but the quality of the films was not always worth mentioning. Now, in the 21st century, the films have become better in creating and maintaining chills, scares, and atmosphere. These films are often psychological and also contain a […]

The 10 Best Dystopian Sci-Fi Movies of The 21st Century

The term “Utopia” was introduced by Thomas More in 1516, describing a fictional island society that’s conceived to be nearly perfect, in almost every aspect. “Dystopia” is the exact opposite, depicting often futuristic societies or states where life is rather terrible and things keep getting worse for everyone, instead of improving. In time, Dystopia has […]

10 Great Movies That Should Have Started Franchises

It seems that every weekend movie theaters are cluttered with unnecessary sequels, with some franchises continuing to rehash the same story for multiple installments that no one asked for. Unfortunately, while there are seemingly countless sequels playing at any given moment, it’s often that the films most deserving of a franchise never get past the […]