The 10 Most Emotional Horror Movies of All Time

Horror is most successful when the fears of the main characters reflect those of the film’s audience. Through horror films one is able to face their biggest fear by proxy. The emotional payoff of what feels like free therapy allows the audience a chance to understand themselves through film. Below are horror films that are […]

10 Great 1970s Horror Movies You May Have Never Seen

The ‘70s was a time when formulaic horror was discarded for more experimental plot lines. Concepts restricted to adaptations of gothic novels and sci-fi were exchanged for tales that tackled the more unnerving side of human nature. The films of the ’70s exploded with independent creatives dropping movie after experimental movie that challenged the fabric […]

10 Found Footage Horror Films That Restore Faith In The Genre

‘Found footage’ has been, for quite some time, a term associated with negative press in the world of cinema. With controversial origins lying in the genre’s first film ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (1980), it seems the found footage strain of horror film was bound to receive critical attention, especially when ‘Cannibal Holocaust’’s director was indicted for supposedly […]

10 Great Recent Asian Horror Films You May Have Missed

Drifting away from the movies of Hollywood, and exploring the film market of Asia, one finds numerous cinematic treasures. In particular, the quality of Asian horror is something to be discovered and admired by any lover all things ghoulish, morbid, and gruesome. With 48 countries existing on the continent and a diverse range of cultures […]