10 Fascinating Movie Scenes That Are Pure Cinema

Vertigo (1958)

Cinema sometimes is a shadow of thoughts carved in the pathway of its creator’s steps through life. Cinema is both science and magic. Cinema, in its purest form, is a reflection of beauty and ugliness into shapes and shades that stain one’s mind in their sincere illustration. In Ingmar Bergman’s shattered subliminal terrors, we’ve loved […]

The 10 Weirdest Characters In David Lynch Movies

There is a reason why the English language has taken into its dictionary the term “Lynchian”. It has everything to do with how Lynch first and foremost treats his characters. They appear to be sucked out from the deepest vibrations of the unconscious. The reason their “weirdness” has an impact on the average viewer is […]

The 20 Most Perfect Movie Scenes of All Time

Paris, Texas (1984)

The scene. The cinematographic equivalent of theatrical acts. It can easily be understood as the backbone of the movie. In this time unit, space and action are some of the main elements of the cinematographic articulation. In the more traditional cinema, the scenes have linking facts between them – usually, there is a bridge that […]