7 Reasons Why “Captain Marvel” Is One of The MCU’s Most Disappointing Movies

The twenty-first film instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was to be an important film in many ways. Firstly, this was to be Marvel Studios first female led superhero film, and secondly this was to be the film that finally revealed Captain Marvel – a character that audiences have been led to believe as being […]

The 10 Greatest Director-Cinematographer Relationships of All Time

When you first get into film, a big mistake people make is interpreting the influence a director has on a film’s visual aesthetics incorrectly. That’s the wonderful day that you learn what cinematography is. A director might have a vision, but the director of photography is the person to make this happen. An auteur filmmaker […]

The 10 Weirdest Scenes in David Lynch Movies


David Lynch is adored by millions because of his idiosyncratic style. One of the very few filmmakers to successfully merge the underground with the mainstream, Lynch has affected many crowds because of his ability to deliver something different to the masses. It’s no secret that his films are strange. That’s what makes this list easy. […]