The 10 Best Movies About Nuclear Fear


“Are they gonna drop the bomb or not?” This is the question at the heart of the anxiety that has marked the Atomic Age. The century-defining paranoia that inevitably followed the development of the nuclear bomb plagued a generation; and, while their descendants may have become distracted with more amusing technology, the theoretical threats of […]

The 10 Most Influential Horror Movies of The 1970s

Though each passing decade has uniquely changed the face of film, the seventies undeniably sent shockwaves through the cinematic landscape. Movie screens still reverberate today from the aftershocks, and nowhere are the effects felt more profoundly than in the horror genre. The loosening of censorship restraints broke the mold for what could be shown on […]

10 Great Horror Movies Featuring Both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

In an age when people are justly cynical about the character of their heroes and celebrities, we still like to harbour a secret hope that some of them might actually be decent people. Well, by some glitch in the matrix, history handed us at least two gentlemen in the movies who showcased ultimate class, erudition, […]

The 10 Most Profound Films of The 21st Century

An inherently subjective premise deserves to be acknowledged as such – one person’s “profound” is another person’s “pretentious”… and it’s sure to be someone’s “petty.” But in our view, the topic is of relatively little importance when qualifying something as profound; rather, the effectiveness with which that subject is examined is of primary concern. Movies […]