10 Movies That Changed How Stories Are Told In Cinema

Narratives have existed since prehistory. At the Caves of Chauvet in France, the Neanderthals tried to tell their daily adventures through iconographic reports in the form of drawings. With the advent of writing, the narratives became increasingly complex. Then, the troubadours and novels of cavalry appeared in the Middle Ages. Later, more fictional narratives gained […]

10 Great Movies That Are Hard To Finish

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

Sex, violence, murder, and perversion have been forever present in mankind. Since the wars between Athens and Sparta up to the technological conflicts these days, the of use physical force and violence are explored as forms of moral and psychological domination. In cinema, violence began to be exploited when society lost its little modesty; thus, […]

10 Great Movies That Blur The Line Between Good and Evil

Since the writing of the Bible, it has been found the first iconographics reports of the battles between good and evil. God vs. the Devil; such a clash goes on in countless cultures around the world. Years earlier, Plato’s dialogues presented the idea of ​​an absolute moral good, shortly before the creation and establishment of […]

The 20 Most Perfect Movie Scenes of All Time

Paris, Texas (1984)

The scene. The cinematographic equivalent of theatrical acts. It can easily be understood as the backbone of the movie. In this time unit, space and action are some of the main elements of the cinematographic articulation. In the more traditional cinema, the scenes have linking facts between them – usually, there is a bridge that […]

10 Movie Masterpieces That May Make You Fall Asleep

The Turin Horse

Since D. W Griffith’s studies and the advent of the Hollywoodian rules and narrative – strongly appearing in The Birth of a Nation – the average viewer got used to the false illusion that classic cinema provides. After that, multiple cinematographic styles moved away from such basic principles. Movies that stray away from this tendency […]