10 Classic Hollywood Films You May Have Never Seen

We’ve all seen the classics, right? Those old school Hollywood films that feature the stars of yesteryear, appear in every Top 100 list, and shaped filmmaking throughout the generations. A growing passion for cinema often includes an early, formative viewing of Citizen Kane, or relishing in the magic of Casablanca, Rear Window and 12 Angry […]

The 10 Best Swashbuckler Movies

In recent years there has been a noticeable dearth of sword-fights in films. This particular form of choreographed action is most indelibly associated with the swashbuckler, romantic action-adventures whose heyday was Classical Hollywood. Back then, audiences loved them for their speed, vitality, and dazzling visuals. Studios loved them because you could be as freely creative […]

10 Forgotten Masterpieces of World Cinema

Each and every artistic field boasts its representative, trailblazing works that have ensured that field’s lastingness in the cultural patrimony as well as in the minds of dozens of current (and future) societies. Yet, because of the implacable forces of time or other inexplicable factors, a myriad of fine, praiseworthy oeuvres have been regrettably lost, […]