10 Great 2019 Movies Destined To Be Future Cult Favorites

What classifies a film as a “cult classic?” First and foremost, it must stand the test of time. Cult classics only become such after years, even decades, of sustained viewership from fans who are, generally, more invested in non-mainstream movies. This includes films that are often reviled when they premiere only to be praised at […]

10 Great 2019 Movies That Didn’t Receive A Single Oscar Nomination

This year there were very many great films nominated in key Academy Awards categories; films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 1917, Parasite, Marriage Story, and The Irishman are deserving of their nominations and should be recognized for their merit. However, as is perusal, the nominations tended to be dominated by major studio films, […]

10 Great 2019 Movies You May Have Missed

2019 has been a great epilogue to this decade of movies, and as a result of the many great films released this year, some have fallen through the cracks and gone overlooked. There are many reasons why a film is overlooked- poor marketing campaigns, small budgets, middling reviews, disinterested audiences, and competition from other popular […]