10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked HBO’s “Westworld”

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HBO’s Westworld proved to be an instant favorite among science fiction fans, and thanks to the immense budget and creatively untraditional storytelling, the series became one of the reasons that many refer to the current moment as “Peak TV.” Based on the 1973 classic from Michael Crichton, the series was adapted by Jonathan Nolan, one […]

10 Great Netflix Original Movies You May Have Never Seen

Over the past five years, Netflix has grown from being the premiere streaming service in the world to being the largest producer of original content. Although the service first became known for their star studded television programs, they developed a rich lineup of films, including everything from blockbusters to cult hits. It’s impossible to ignore […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Western Movies of The 2010s

Throughout the 2010s, some have referred to superhero films as the new westerns when it comes to their popular culture dominance, and although it’s impossible to deny the success of caped crusaders, the western genre has not gotten stale at all. Over the past decade, there’s been many wonderful western films that have intersected with […]