10 Promising Directors Who Haven’t Made Their Best Movies Yet

A filmmaker’s career can have a whole host of ups and downs through the years. As directors with multi-decade trajectories can attest, there’s no success big enough to prevent you from stumbling and falling with the next film. Because of said unpredictability, it’s hard to tell if a filmmaker really achieved their full potential in […]

10 Movie Directors Who Make The Most Rewatchable Films

First let’s underline what constitutes re-watchable movies. According to popular notion, and by which we too abide by, films that can be absorbed easily and enjoyed wholeheartedly tend to be the ones that are most popular, even during reruns. But there will be pockets of niche audiences who go back to a movie for reasons […]

10 Brilliant Directors Who Should Make More Films

A film director’s first successful motion picture usually serves as their ticket to make more films in the future. However, the directors interests or for reasons unknown sometimes interfere with the production of future projects. When the director doesn’t follow up an acclaimed film immediately, it can be frustrating especially if you really admired the […]

The 10 Best Movie Directors Working Today

Contemporary cinema is the home of many styles and approaches toward reality and cinema. Many filmmakers take an extremely critical approach toward cinema and society, while others focus on a simple portrait of humanity and communication. In the contemporary scene, there are filmmakers whose careers have just started and who probably are going to deliver […]

10 Directors Who Made Two Great Films In The Same Year

Hearts of Darkness A Filmmaker's Apocalypse

For most directors, releasing one great film in a year is an ambitious enough feat. Here are ten directors who were not satisfied with that accomplishment and released not one but two great films in a single year.   10. Steven Soderbergh – 2000 – “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” each garnered […]

10 Great Actors Bound To Win An Oscar

Every Oscar season, some actors are overlooked, while others are considered overdue and others settle for their status as a nominee. While a lot of factors need to be taken into account when assessing someone’s Oscar chances (the competition, the movie’s success, the campaign etc.), there are a handful of actors who consistently give performances […]