10 Actors Who Play Both Heroes And Villains Perfectly

Versatility should be within an actor’s repertoire. Of course, some performers specialize in a select group of roles they take on, not even because they have been type casted. Nonetheless, being able to take on many different forms means you can reach wider audiences, rather than cater to your specific fan bases. You might know […]

10 Famous Movie Directors You Either Love Or Hate

An artist’s highest aspiration is to pierce a panhuman foundation of ideas, defining on that very breakthrough an original locus of distinctive perceptions. Indeed, art has been carrying out this task since its inception. Exposing the darkest and best self-concealed aspects of societies, various legendary artists have shocked through their work. But what has been […]

10 Legendary Directors Whose Legacy Are Enriched By Home Video

Black Narcissus

Many years ago in the introduction to her book of capsule reviews, 5001 Nights at the Movies, the noted film critic Pauline Kael rendered one of her (numerous) opinionated opinions by stating that anyone seeing a film on television, whether it be a live broadcast or via video, was committing a cultural crime with themselves […]

The 10 Most Studied Movie Directors of All Time

It goes without saying that a list of only 10 directors couldn’t contain all the great directors that every student or person interested in cinema must take into account so as to have a wider knowledge about cinema, so it’s understandable that there’d discrepancies. Great directors such as Abel Gance, David W. Griffith, Sergei Eisenstein, […]

The 10 Most Overrated Movie Directors of All Time

best british directors

To cinephiles, the director is often the central figure in filmmaking, so we tend to watch and discover films on that basis. So, the usual way of understanding film history is by selecting some names as cornerstones. As expected, the reasons why some names are most famous and respected than others are controversial; those reasons […]

10 Actors Who Should’ve Gotten Their Oscars Earlier

The Academy Awards are what separate the wheat from the chaff in Hollywood. There are a number of controversies surrounding the Academy’s voting methods, including a lack of diversity on the board and less appreciation for bigger-budgeted blockbuster movies than smaller arthouse fare, but generally, the Oscars decide which movies and movie-makers are considered to […]

10 Directors Who Never Surpassed Their Debut Feature

Amores Perros

Sometimes the first shot turns out to be the best, as these filmmakers have proven. Not that these director’s have only made one good film – although there is one exception – however, their debut feature has remained the greatest effort of their career, for varying reasons. There are some great filmmakers on this list, […]

10 Legendary Directors Who Are Also World-Class Screenwriters


The person directing a film is not always necessarily involved in writing it. There have been many great directors who have chosen to only direct the films that other people write, but there are also directors who want to make film so personal that they also become screenwriters. These directors then create unique worlds and […]