The 25 Best Indie Movies of The 2010s

Art needs combating; it needs to combat with traditions by experimenting with prevailing, age-old customs with which it can present something new. It happened with music, literature, painting, sculpture, and every other form of art; not to mention the cinema, which was once in itself an experimental art form that later persisted. Independent films, often […]

Top 10 Failed Oscar-Bait Movies of The 2010s

Entertainment doesn’t always have to be original. There are countless parodies, spoofs, and genre-tribute films that continue to amuse people; most of them don’t have a streak of originality in them, but at least they don’t pretend. On the other end, Oscar bait films are known for their pretension: films that are released before awards […]

9 Great Movies That Judge You For Watching Them

The idea of meta-cinema is nothing new. It helps to create additional layers of commentary in the film and helps the directors expose universal truths regarding cinema. Clever filmmakers are using this brilliant and effective device for years and there is no hint of an end. One example can be especially enlightening, although they belong […]

10 Great Cult Movies Favored By Quentin Tarantino

Whatever one’s age may be, it’s the same for everyone that an endless stream of films are waiting to be discovered. Considering the age of cinema, the number of masterpieces that have been created and forgotten because of the transitory nature of time is unanticipated, by even the greatest fortune teller. There is a pile […]