The 10 Most Interesting Film Dialogues of All Time

Almost a century ago, audiences gathered in theaters so as to behold Maria Falconetti’s face in “The Passion of Joan of Arc” and drift on all those layers of emotion that pulse behind that sight. Some decades later, audiences stared at Andrei Tarkovsky’s foggy dreams as taking the shape of a perceptible object on the […]

10 Great Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

What makes a movie an all-time classic? Which is the magic ingredient that protects a motion picture from the time’s dust? It could be its verity toward the culture of a space-time setting, its sentimental originality, even its timeless impact on art and collective moral sense. Perhaps there’s something more than that in the movie […]

The 10 Most Psychedelic Movies of The 21st Century

Holy Motors

It’s the numbing effect of alcohol on mind; It’s Jim Morrison’s poetry and Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema. We call this sense “psychedelia”‒a sense that represents our mental state as we attempt to experience an awakened dream. Such a transcendental act of conscience has been yearned by our kind since its very first occurrence and through many […]

10 Fascinating Movie Scenes That Are Pure Cinema

Vertigo (1958)

Cinema sometimes is a shadow of thoughts carved in the pathway of its creator’s steps through life. Cinema is both science and magic. Cinema, in its purest form, is a reflection of beauty and ugliness into shapes and shades that stain one’s mind in their sincere illustration. In Ingmar Bergman’s shattered subliminal terrors, we’ve loved […]