The 10 Best Horror Movies Written By Richard Matheson

When we talk about movies, we’re often talking about directors. It’s an ingrained thing — it means we’ll ask somebody about their favourite Hitchcock scene or Scorsese’s recurring themes, but rarely about their favourite John Sayles script, except maybe when he’s also in the director’s chair. The writer in particular has been relegated to a […]

10 Great Giallo Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Without them, there would be no slasher movie. Seriously. They gave us the first-person perspective during a murder, the successive beautiful women getting stabbed to death, the gratuitous sex, even the idea of revealing the killer’s identity during a final confrontation with the last survivor. Really, what’s Friday The 13th if not an American giallo? […]

10 Great Italian Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Exploitation films have been made in every country with even a rudimentary film industry. The United States is particularly famous for it, but England had the Hammer films and the Philippines had a thriving exploitation industry, even producing the great Cirio Santiago. But there is no country that’s committed itself to being so flamboyant in […]