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The 10 Best Documentaries In Recent Memory

07 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Sam Silbert

best documentaries

Sometimes, movie goers feel the need to see something real. Not just today’s news, but something that can be translated on to the big screen. That’s why documentaries were invented. They give you something so real and true that other movies just cant recreate. Whether it be ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, presenting raw facts about the world we live in, or the wonderful crossover flick ‘American Splendor’, giving us a slice of life, to see how other people live as we do, documentaries are a thing of beauty, no doubt of it. For your pleasure, here are the 10 best documentaries from recent memory.


10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The Movie: Jiro Ono, legendary sushi chef, runs a sushi kitchen in a Tokyo subway station.

Why Its Great: It really takes us into the life of a legend that most of us may not even know about, although once you see the prices on that sushi, you may not want to take part in it.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would star Min-sik Choi from Oldboy as Jiro to help fight typecasting, or he could make some nasty squid sushi.


9. Side By Side

Side By Side

The Movie: It features several Hollywood directors coming out about the pros and cons of digital vs. analog filming.

Why Its Great: For movie junkies as myself, its interesting to see some of my favorite directors (Martin Scorcese, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, etc.) and where they stand in modern day movies. For example, not many of them enjoy 3D movies, which is understandable.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would be loosely based on 1957 classic 12 Angry Men, featuring the directors arguing over whether analog filmmaking should live.



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  • budgyrl

    Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse MisKelley, who were the accused/convicted of killing the 3 boys, were NOT satan worshipers.

    • Sam Silbert

      I believe they covered that in one of the sequels, right? I’ve only seen bits and peices but thought it was a great movie, and I believe they had evidence that the boys were satan worshipers, at least in the first movie.

      • budgyrl

        There was an “expert” in the occult that testified that they were satan worshipers. He said that wearing black and listening to heavy metal was a sure sign of it. At the time of the trial, Damion was practicing Wica, which the “expert” said was a form of satinism. And he also made claims that the mutilation of the boys was satanic in nature.
        They actually cover it in both the 2nd and 3rd movies. Way more in depth in the 3rd than the 2nd movie. I believe it’s in the 3rd movie where they interview him and it is clear that he really doesn’t have a clue about any thing occult.
        They are all tree very good movies, if you get a chance, watch them all the way through, I highly recommend it.

    • Karen Parker Brackeen

      True. And West Memphis is in Arkansas, NOT Arizona!