The 10 Best Documentaries In Recent Memory

6. Supersize Me


The Movie: Morgan Spurlock takes a look at modern obesity by stuffing himself full of McDonalds.

Why Its Great: Morgan Spurlock has to be one of those great directors out there, not only in the documentary genre. He made another great movie about tracking down Osama Bin Laden by himself. This was before Zero Dark Thirty mind you.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: Daniel Day Lewis would take the place of Morgan Spurlock, because who else does method acting like that man? Nobody except Christian Bale, but we couldn’t bare to see him suffer again as much as he did in The Machinist.


5. Exit Through the Gift Shop


The Movie: True life story about street artists and their exploits.

Why Its Great: Usually you would think of street artists as thugs, criminals, etc., but director Bansky really shows the ‘Artist’ side of ‘Street Artist’.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would be a highly successful indie “Thug Life” movie starring Channing Tatum.