The 10 Most Divisive Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

most divisive movies

In modern day culture, we have as many movies that restore our faith in humanity as we have movies that totally suck. Hollywood has given us more examples of the latter in recent years, but still, we have the movies that don’t suck.

Yet once in a while, that one movie comes around that we don’t really know what to think of. Of course, not everybody loves or hates any movie equally, but some movies split viewers up almost 50/50. This is called ‘Divisive’. This list is dedicated to the makers of movies that we could only love or hate, not anywhere else in between. Here are the 10 most divisive movies of this century.


10. Sunshine


The Movie: 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle goes deeper into sci-fi thriller. A team of scientists are sent into space with a nuclear device that can turn the sun ‘back on’ after it darkens.

What’s Great: The cast and production value does an acceptable job at making the majority of the movie a believable, human thriller/drama.

What’s Not So Great: The last third of the movie. No spoilers here, but writer Alex Garland accidentally made the rest of the movie really disappointing.


9. Watchmen


The Movie: Zack Snyder’s faithful adaptation of the graphic novel, and his follow up to 300. A group of fallen superheroes get back into the game when fellow superhero “The Comedian” mysteriously falls out of a window.

What’s Great: Snyder is by popular opinion a halfway decent director. He took artistic liberties with this one to make it true to the book. The special effects are amazing and revolutionary, and a fair break from almost childish Marvel movies that were yet to come. Great soundtrack too.

What’s Not So Great: Huge shift of change from 300. The whole thing is outrageously complicated, the actors weren’t trying their best, too much special effects, artistic direction was way more heavy than any of Snyder’s recent films, or even of films to come.


8. Only God Forgives


The Movie: Stylistic follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Drive’, Ryan Gosling plays a criminal that sets out to avenge the death of his murdered brother.

What’s Great: It has all of the appeals of Drive, with a setting more advanced. Gosling says even less and kicks more ass than he did last time.

What’s Not So Great: Once again, it seems very reminiscent of Drive, with a screenplay just touching the bar. The violence may turn off even more viewers than it gathers.


7. Avatar


The Movie: James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic about a tribe of alien Indians protecting their homeland from intruders.

What’s Great: Cameron really pushes the boundaries for 3D films. The special effects are the best of its kind. Perfect score, and believable acting.

What’s Not So Great: 3 hours of environmental awareness propaganda with blue aliens. That was a little harsh, but where the screenplay dulls, that’s kind of where it falls.


6. I Heart Huckabees


The Movie: Quirky comedy about a detective agency couple who have to investigate a new environmentalist client who owns a rock.

What’s Great: Directed by the talented David O. Russel (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook) and boasts an all-star cast (Jason Schwartzman, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Whalberg, Lily Tomlin).

What’s Not So Great: The movie seems like a Wes Anderson parody on drugs, and according to, it’s Russel’s worst movie with a 62% fresh.