The 10 Best Documentaries In Recent Memory

4. Crumb


The Movie: David Lynch produced film following legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb talking about weird-ass perverted stuff.

Why Its Great: When you look at what he’s done you think that he’s maybe somewhat talented, and nothing more. But when you hear whats going on through his mind, you think he’s a madman genius. But mostly madman.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would be directed by David Lynch.


3. Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

The Movie: When the corpses of three young children are found in a forest in West Memphis, Arizona, a trio of Satan worshipers are falsely accused of the murder.

Why Its Great: The movie really makes us rethink our goodwill by giving us two sides of the argument: They may not have murdered the children, but they are Satan worshipers. What are we supposed to think of them?

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would still be goddamn depressing.