The 10 Best Documentaries In Recent Memory

8. Catfish


The Movie: Photographer Nev Schulman goes on a road trip to meet the girl he met online, with some upsetting results.

Why Its Great: Most of us shouldn’t be to concerned with internet liars who pose as somebody else to get someones attention, so this movie shouldn’t stand out so much, but it does, and it shakes you and unsettles you for days.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: Truth of the matter, there has been some speculation as to if the film was just one big set up. If not, it would be an Oscar worthy dramedy writen and directed by Charlie Kauffman and starring Maryl Streep. No joke. The role is perfect for her.


7. The Cove

The Cove

The Movie: Gripping look at the covert killing of dolphins in a Japan town and the men capturing footage of it.

Why Its Great: I bet you don’t think any violent thoughts when you hear the word “Dolphin”, but the trip this movie takes you on sure will.

If It Wasn’t A Documentary: It would probably be a typical Jason Statham movie, or at least a Nic Cage one.