All 8 Alexander Payne Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

While not as flashy as the most celebrated auteurs of today, whenever Alexander Payne releases a new film, it is a worthy event for cinephiles. As a director working in the realm of dramedies that are equally humorous and downbeat, Payne, whose new film, “The Holdovers,” has been nominated for Oscar Best Picture this year, […]

10 Great Underrated Western Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

The Western is one of the most formative genres in the canon of cinema. The American Frontier is the ideal setting for a film that examines the past, the present, and the future. Through its location, characters, and concepts, Westerns, in gracious and scathing fashions, dissects American history and culture. While an archaic genre today, […]

10 Great Underrated Al Pacino Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

When Al Pacino first emerged onto the big screen in the 1970s, acting was never the same. His unmistakable presence and energy opened a window to a whole new style of performance. Through his vulnerability and unique blend of internal angst and volatile expressiveness, Pacino became an anti-Hollywood star. He has starred in many modern […]

The 10 Most Underrated Movies From Clint Eastwood

Based on longevity, box office, critical success, the formative influence on the Western, and general iconography, Clint Eastwood has had one of the finest careers in Hollywood history as an actor and director. A populist favorite who pushed the artistic envelope, Eastwood’s notable works and his hidden gems are captivating pieces of entertainment and integral […]

The 10 Most Underrated Movies From Steven Spielberg

In more ways than none, Steven Spielberg is synonymous with the art of film directing. Not only is his commercial success unparalleled, but he is also responsible for some of the most iconic films, characters, images, and thematic ideas of Hollywood history. In essence, Spielberg is the ideal filmmaker, equally populous and crowd-pleasing as he […]