The 10 Most Underrated Movies From Martin Scorsese

Without question, Martin Scorsese is one of the most beloved and influential filmmakers of all time. His consistency of excellence throughout six decades of directing is impeccable. Because of his preservation and advocacy of the film medium, Scorsese has maintained a high status of relevancy unparalleled for filmmakers. Across 40 narrative and documentary feature films, […]

10 Great Underrated Sci-fi Films You Probably Haven’t Seen

One of the most time-tested genres, science fiction, never fails to captivate audiences. Films of the genre have inspired the most passionate fan bases and curious forms of film criticism. Science fiction is provocative due to its ability to comment on present-day sociology despite taking place hundreds or thousands of years in the future or […]

The 10 Oddest Outlier Movies From A Director’s Filmography

The Straight Story

This list may cause some double-takes. They directed THAT? No need to check IMDb for fact-checking. It may be impossible to imagine, but these anonymous films were created from the visions of established auteurs with distinct stylistic and thematic throughlines. These directors took on these films for financial purposes, just as a change of pace, […]