10 Great Foreign Movies You May Have Missed

To consider a film “foreign” is to take part in an anglo-centered Copernican revolution, something pretty artificial for an art that was born in France and perfected by great cinematic schools from many continents. However, we stick to this definition for conventional reasons, and maybe for a good old-fashioned imperialist fascination with the dynamics of […]

7 Reasons Why “Manchester by the Sea” Is The Best Written Movie of 2016

Casey Affleck - Manchester by the Sea

Nestled between the celebration of tradition and retrofitted nostalgia of “La La Land”, and the progressive iconography of “Moonlight”, “Manchester by the Sea” was the most classical of the standout films at the 2017 Oscars. It’s a film that builds on older screenwriting structures, but does so with the ability of its director, Kenneth Lonergan, […]

7 Reasons Why “Split” Is Shyamalan’s Career Comeback Movie

M. Night Shyamalan’s career trajectory is a product of the unforgiving American cinematic industry; the weird mechanisms of Internet irony that belittles and ridicules; and a brand of cinema that lies between Spielberg-ian imaginative morality tales with a spiritual undertone, a love for Hitchcock and the classics of suspense, and an appreciation for the B-movie […]

15 Upcoming Movies In 2017 That Deserve Your Attention

The beginning of the year is always dominated by the unstoppable Hollywood hype machine that carefully prepares the public for the films that ought to be anticipated. Thus, the general public and part of the film-loving crowd are already oriented, from a consumer and producer standpoint, to be aware of certain titles, while others linger […]

10 Great Movies That Push The Limits of Digital Filmmaking

Cinema is stuck in a circle of conventions and forced and unforced nostalgia, and particularly fervent supporters of the analogic qualities of cinema have taken the digital revolution as something to be criticized. What some people have missed is that the digital medium has a sort of punk attitude that represents the best chance at […]

8 Reasons Why “Knight of Cups” Is Terrence Malick’s Best Film So Far

Terrence Malick’s late period, which runs from “The Tree of Life” to “Knight of Cups”, has had a strange life. It was universally hailed in the beginning and then rejected with “To The Wonder” and “Knight of Cups”; people have started to sneer, and some people have taken a revisionary angle where they only value […]