The 20 Best Dream Scenes in Movie History

eraserhead ending

The best quote in the severely underrated “The Limits of Control” by Jim Jarmusch is from Tilda Swinton’s character, when she says: “The best films are like dreams you’re never quite sure you’ve had.” The dreamlike qualities of cinema have been an argument for discussion since the inception of the medium; the very first filmmakers […]

10 Movies You Will Love If You Liked “Bicycle Thieves”

Vittorio De Sica was the great protector of Italian neorealism. His work was far from the philosophical musings of Rossellini and the operatic dramas of Visconti; his works had a genuine empathy for the poorest in society, and could depict their lives with a sense of tragedy and simplicity that best suited his period. Of […]

15 Great Male Directors Who Are Good at Making Films About Women

There has been a great deal of discussion about the voyeuristic nature of cinema, especially since the structural and critical studies of the 1970s and the emergence of feminist theory. But above the contemporary concerns about the male gaze in cinema and how women are portrayed and observed, we can look back at past centuries […]

The 20 Best Tarkovskian Films Not By Andrei Tarkovsky


Andrei Tarkovsky was a poet of cinema who was famous for his techniques, his use of long takes, slow dollies, atmospheric use of elements, and legendary theories about cinema as sacrifice and cinema as sculpting in time. He was also one of the directors who most successfully integrated cinema and philosophy. His style, made of […]

The 10 Most Philosophical Horror Movies of All Time


The horror genre seems destined to be eternally underrated, as its muscular nature and its impactful and often distasteful imagery seems to overshadow the complexities of a genre that has lived through the artistic tradition of humanity from the beginning of time. Horror is, in some cases, the best genre to analyze some of the […]