The 25 Best Supernatural Horror Movies of The 21st Century

best psychological horror movies

This has been an exciting century for the supernatural. New monsters have been invented, the found footage subgenre was revamped (until it became the laughing stock of horror), character development has become prominent in more and more films, and the new wave of filmmakers have made truly frightening films, from The Conjuring to The Innkeepers. […]

The 25 Best Horror Movies of The 1960s


The sixties was a great decade for horror. We were introduced to a monster with a friendly face (Norman Bates), Hammer Films established Britain’s place in horror, Vincent Price became the face of horror, the zombie sub-genre started, movies consistently pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable, and films like Psycho and Night of the […]

15 Great Animated Horror Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Peur(s) du noir

Animations have come a long way since 1906’s Humorous Phases of Funny Faces. Walt Disney became the authority in animations and, for a long time, the medium was mostly seen as exclusive to humorous, touching cartoons shown primarily to young children. But since the latter half of the 20th century, filmmakers have realized the potential […]

The 20 Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations of The 21st Century

book to movie adaptations

When movies get adapt other media, reactions are either ecstatic or cynical, with more leaning to the latter. And that’s fine. Lots of adaptations never work; just look at all the horrific video game adaptations or the countless young adult films we’ve getting lately. But when they do work, these films complement the source material […]