The 15 Most Innovative Movies On Historical Representation

Barry Lyndon

The idea for this list originated from an interview Stanley Kubrick gave in the late 1960s. He was in pre-production for his ambitious screen biography of Napoleon. During the interview Kubrick explained that a truly great historical film had never been made. He provided two reasons to support his claim: 1) a failure to convey […]

10 Forgotten American Movies That Need To Be Rediscovered


The following is a list of ten films that were disparaged, ignored, or forgotten after their initial release. The reasons vary. Maybe they did not reflect the director’s vision due to studio interference; some require multiple viewings to be truly appreciated. These films are hardly cinematic masterpieces, yet all have excellent qualities worthy of any […]

The 10 Best Movies About Humanity’s Relationship With Technology


As technology continues to play an increasingly dominant role in everyday life, the question is raised: What effect will it all have on the future? The ten films on this list all attempted to answer that query. All of them gaze into the future and speculate on humanity’s evolving relationship with technology. The tendency is […]