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8 ‘Bad’ Actors That Are Better Than You Think

21 August 2013 | Features, People Lists | by Sam Silbert

bad actors

Hollywood is full of crap. You know it, I know it. That’s why we can’t always expect the best from films. Although, we do get some surprises now and then. Sometimes, a typically ‘Bad’ actor takes part in a movie that not only is successful, but also shows us that these actors have more under their belt than we thought they did. This list dedicates the actors who fought the typecast machine and showed us not to underestimate anything. Here are eight bad actors who are better than you thought.


8. Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans

Typecast: Scary Movie, White Chicks.

Breakout Role: Requiem For A Dream.

Why He’s Secretly Great: Marlon Wayans has created some of the biggest fiascoes in Hollywood. But, as many people don’t know, Marlon is actually a very talented actor. In this case (Much like the case with Adam Sandler), Marlon was taking part in an all star cast directed by Darren Aronofsky. Of course, everybody did well in that, and it’s great that Aronofsky could hold up the entire cast, even Marlon, who played a drug user descending the downwards spiral. No Oscars or Golden Globes for Marlon here, but he has a well deserved place on this list.


7. Jennifer Aniston


Typecast: Love Happens, Along Came Polly.

Breakout Role: The Good Girl.

Why She’s Secretly Great: Jennifer Aniston was doing a lot of crap in her early days of acting (and she still is). One of the redeeming factors of her career, besides Friends, was 2002’s The Good Girl. Jennifer Aniston was the leading lady along with John C. Reily and Jake Gyllenhal. The film was screened at Sundance, and a good majority of people thought here acting was more than acceptable, from the critics to the long time Aniston fans. If only we could see her acting like she used to, instead of playing cynical strippers smuggling marijuana posing as mothers for fake families.



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  • Geno

    I completely agree with Keanu not being a bad actor! He had a principle role in Something’s Gotta Give where he acted alongside Jack Nicholson & Dianne Keaton and he did a great job in that too.

  • Mike

    Just because pitcher in baseball throws a perfect game doesn’t mean he’s a great pitcher if he lost most of the games in a season. As the saying goes, Even the sun shines on a dogs ass once in a while.

  • Mark

    I have no idea how Paul Dano could possibly be on this list. I’ve never heard anyone (critic or audience) make that claim. If anything he has always been on most people’s “It List” or “Best Up and Coming Actors” or some shit. It doesn’t even make any sense. This site is amateur.

    • Guest

      Um, then you probably didnt read the article?

  • Daniel Parra

    I disagree with Mark Wahlberg being “Typecast” in Ted of course I loved that movie so i’m biased

  • MutinyofSense

    I might have book-marked this site if I didn’t have to read 4 pages of ads for one debatable list.
    I won’t be back.

  • melvin lafleur

    adam sandler is a wretched little toad. there, i fixed it for you.

  • Alice Olivia

    I love Keanu