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10 Sci-Fi Movies So Bad They Are Hilarious

22 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Jane Hudson

worst sci-fi movies

Why can’t science fiction moves get it right? Sometimes they have great ideas, but they go horribly wrong on film. Sometimes, let’s face it, the idea is just bad, so bad that it’s fun to sit around with a good friend and laugh your head off at how stupid these sci-fi films can be. Maybe that’s entertainment in itself. Here is my humble list of the 10 worst sci-fi movies of all time.


10. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


All you have to do on this one is look at the title to know that it has to be dumb. Mars doesn’t have a Santa, so they decide to steal the one on Earth. To find the real Santa Claus, they have to kidnap a couple of kids to help. With the kidnapped Ole Saint Nick, they build a toy shop on Mars, where Santa and the kids work away until they are freed. This might be a good Christmas movie to watch after you’ve had a bit too much egg nog.


9. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem


This movie is one great big fight, as the title indicates. Maybe those mysterious aliens versus the powerful predator seemed like a good idea at the time. On film, it came out to be way too predictable. In this non-thriller, the local townspeople have to flee and hide to avoid being caught in the middle. This movie packs no surprises and thus makes the list of simply terrible sci-fi movies.


8. The Brain that Wouldn’t Die


The title sounds interesting, but that’s where it stops, as much of the movie shows a decapitated head in some kind of medical tray. After his girlfriend loses her head in an accident, a scientist tries to keep the head alive while he goes out to find her a new body. It’s an interesting concept that sucks people in to watching this sci-fi film.


7. Terrarium


In this film, some astronauts volunteer to start a new civilization on a distant planet. These poor guys have to be frozen for their trip in space. Their luck is up as they wake up stuck inside their freezing tubes after the spaceship has crashed. They are trapped. To make matters worse, this big hairy monster attacks them and starts eating them. It’s a typical plot, just on an exotic venue with a different type of monster.


6. Battlefield Earth


John Travolta is in this one, as he joins in on a lot of bad acting. Travolta is a member of the Psyclos, some really mean aliens who took over the Earth. They killed practically the entire population and left the place a wasteland, stripped of many of its former resources. The aliens aren’t in the clear, however, as there are a few brave humans left. One such human is Jonny Goodboy, appropriately named, as he searches for people to join him to stop the Pysclos from totally annihilating the human race.



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  • Terry Shannon

    Erm…number 9 would be AvP: Requiem. It’s a fail if you can’t be bothered to delineat between sequels.

    • Terry Shannon

      …and, apparently, the author has never watched a Uwe Boll film.

    • Mikey

      …the hell is “delineat”?

  • Driver Decade

    Not everything is that bad. Maybe these series in the video are. But I guess bad is not always bad if you enjoy it. hehe

    • Joao Ribeiro

      Bad is still bad even if you enjoy it. Taste doesn’t change quality.

      • Gonzalo Imanol del Peon

        One must know what bad taste is in order to have good taste… And yeah taste does change quality. A few hundred years ago lobster was considered to be worst than eating rats.

  • Jules F. Melo Borges

    Stupid list.

    Battlefield Earth is not that bad. Just silly. Actually, a good action film.

    Zardoz is amazing and underrated.

    Frankenstein Conquers the World is fun. Nothing outrageous. King Kong vs Godzilla is a lot worse.

    • Xavier

      1) Saying the list is stupid
      2) Thinking that Zardoz is amazing
      … Wow

      • Gonzalo Imanol del Peon

        Zardoz is amazing. The plot described in the list sounds stupid, but it is actually good. Movie is about what a dumb human would call god, also about authorities, the price of inmortality, how a restricted society acts and many more themes… it is not a bad movie…

  • Klaus Dannick

    Surprised to see Zardoz here, especially as it’s been re-evaluated over the years and has attained cult status. I personally find the film absurd, but I can’t fault John Boorman’s ambition or creativity in fleshing-out this particular effort. Certainly, the people who love it (and there are many) have a valid opinion as well. There are far “worse” cult films out there than Zardoz, and many other science fiction films more worthy of a place on such a list.

    Maybe this list should be called “One Person names their personal favorite hilariously-bad Sci Fi movies.”

  • Sucio Anacoreta

    the gun is good! the penis is evil! long live zardoz!

  • Lnawower man 2 Oh My God

  • fantail31

    The Thing With Two Heads – Ray Milland. Brilliant!