8 ‘Bad’ Actors That Are Better Than You Think

2. Jim Carrey


Typecast: The Cable Guy, Bruce Almighty.

Breakout Role: The Truman Show.

Why He’s Secretly Great: Jim Carrey was doing alot of blockbuster lackluster comedies in his early acting life (Ace Ventura, The Cable Guy), until he stumbled upon this beautiful dramedy entitled “The Truman Show”, about a guy whose daily life is filmed 24/7, without his permission or even knowing. As well as a star studded cast, perfect script, the only speculation to the movie’s well being is that Jim Carrey was in the starring role. How would that work out? Wonderful. Critics loved it, Carrey fans loved it, it was the perfect film for Carrey. He also made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was even better. Anyways, we all know now that Jim Carrey is one of the most flexible actors in our time. But is he the best? Let’s find out…


1. Adam Sandler


Typecast: The Water Boy, Little Nicky.

Breakout Role: Punch Drunk Love.

Why He’s Secretly Great: Another bad actor saved by a PT Anderson film. PT Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love was not totally hyped or anything, because Adam Sandler was starring in it. People prayed that it wasn’t going to be another crap Adam Sandler movie that would kill PT’s career. They never should have doubted him or Adam Sandler a second. Sandler surprised almost everyone in Punch Drunk Love. Now he wasn’t as annoying as he used to be, no inappropriate jokes, and most of all, his acting was phenomenal. The whole movie blew people away, and now we know that Adam Sandler is a great actor, but only acts when he wants to, which means less of Punch Drunk Love for us, and more crap like Grown Ups 2. Whatever. Adam Sandler is a great actor, which is why he is number one.

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