8 ‘Bad’ Actors That Are Better Than You Think

6. Mark Wahlberg


Typecast: Four Brothers, Ted.

Breakout Role: Boogie Nights.

Why He’s Secretly Great: DISCLAIMER. Mark Whalberg is not a bad actor. However, he’s chosen some mildly disappointing roles after he made the break from his hip-hop group The Funky Bunch. Yes kids, Mark Wahlberg used to be a rapper. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds to break out of music to movies, if it sounds easy at all, so Mark was doing some pretty bad movies. Meanwhile, PT Anderson is planning his next movie, Boogie Nights, about the porn industry, so you would guess that a rapper might add the most character to a porn star, I mean, you wouldn’t want Daniel Day Lewis doing that, right? Anyways, Boogie Nights was a breakthrough for Mark and PT, and as PT lived on to make even better movies, Mark stayed with the big budget action movies. Well, all we can hope is that PT and Mark make another movie, hopefully.


5. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Typecast: Universal Soldier.

Breakout Role: JCVD.

Why He’s Secretly Great: Jean-Claude Van Damme was typecasted as an action hero. Actually, more like a crap actor who stars in crap action movies. Something like that. Anyways, JCVD is a semi-fictionalized version of Jean-Claude’s life, the fictional stuff is great, but what really digs down is the real life stuff. There’s a six minute monologue of Jean Claude talking about his life, his marriages, his drug abuse, and so on. The critics absolutely adored it. This movie brought him back into modern culture, much like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, and it just goes to show that everybody loves a comeback.