10 Great Dramas from the 21st Century You Might Not Have Seen

The article you are about to read could be easily retitled as “Travelling Around the World in Search for Dramas”, considering that each of the films hereinafter originates from a different country, co-productions aside. None of them, however, could be classified purely as drama, even when there are no additional terms on their respective IMDb […]

20 Weird Movies of the 21st Century You Might Not Have Seen

Ready or not, here comes another batch of 20 movies which fit the weird (strange / surreal / obscure / fantastique / experimental / unorthodox / open-minded etc) “mold” and need a little bit of “word of mouth” support for different reasons. As the title suggests, they are all released during the 21st century, whereby […]

20 Weird Movies from the Last Decade No One Talks About

A follow-up of to the “Trilogy of Cinematic Weirdness” (published last year), this list focuses on the movies shot during the period 2007-2017, as the title clearly suggests. It excludes the features from the previous articles, but includes a couple of short films which, simply put, has to be seen to be believed, and even […]