All 23 Best Picture Winners Of The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

It’s no secret that just because The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards a film “Best Picture” of any given year means that’s the absolute truth. Like any group, there are biases and outside factors that influence their decision to award any given nominated film Best Picture. And for sure, masterpieces and true […]

All 6 Baz Luhrmann Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

“Truth, beauty, freedom, love.” Baz Luhrmann’s films are an incendiary bubblegum crossroads, where Italian grand opera, Bollywood, Greek myths and Hollywood Technicolor collide. Growing up in rural Herons Creek, New South Wales, Baz Luhrmann was informed by his father’s profession as a cinema owner and the ballroom dancing he practiced with his mother. In the […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films From The 2010s You Probably Haven’t Seen

The 2010s was the decade that could arguably be the beginning of “The Future”: technological advancements ensured a cell phone in every pocket and a hi-def screen in every room. The world became an instantaneous global network that runs 24/7 and is immediately accessible by anyone with the right gear. It was the beginning of […]