The 10 Most Underrated Movies of The 1960s

By 1957, Life magazine called the 1950’s “the horrible decade” for Hollywood. This didn’t change for the first part of the 1960s. Major studios were pumping millions into aging historical epics and musicals such as Hello Dolly! Cleopatra and King of Kings. With the rise of the French New Wave, Japanese cinema and Spaghetti Westerns […]

10 Reasons Why “Barbie” Is The Movie of The Year

It’s Barbie’s world, we’re just living in it. After an ingenious marketing campaign that turned it into an instantly meme-able cultural sensation that inspired parties, special events and fashion trends, the Greta Gerwig-directed comedy-drama starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling finally hit cinemas on July 21. Millions around the globe are trekking to theaters with […]

10 Great Western Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t seen

They keep saying the western is slowly becoming a dead genre but somehow it keeps delivering great films almost every year, often more than once. It’s pretty much alive and going strong even if it’s not the Golden Age of it. That said, it’s true that the genre doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone and some […]

The 10 Most Mind-Bending Psychological Thrillers Of The 21st Century

Psychological Thrillers are not a new genre of movies and have been around for decades, however, the 21st century has seen the refinement of this category with movies which are beyond praiseworthy. What sets this genre apart is its unique ability to engage the audience in such a way that they feel the emotional turmoil […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked “Oppenheimer”


Nolan-heads rejoice! The hotly-anticipated biographical drama starring Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist known as the father of the atomic bomb who spearheaded the Manhattan Project, finally hit cinemas on July 21. Based on the non-fiction bestseller “American Prometheus”, Christopher Nolan’s star-studded epic dramatizes the U.S. efforts to create the first nuclear […]