The 10 Best Movies About Nuclear Fear


“Are they gonna drop the bomb or not?” This is the question at the heart of the anxiety that has marked the Atomic Age. The century-defining paranoia that inevitably followed the development of the nuclear bomb plagued a generation; and, while their descendants may have become distracted with more amusing technology, the theoretical threats of […]

10 Great Horror Movies Favored By Robert Eggers

Following up our list of horror movies recommended by Ari Aster, it’s time to turn to another prominent figure in the genre, Robert Eggers. The emergence of these two young directors this past decade has revitalized a watered-down industry full of unnecessary sequels, pandering scripts and overdone tropes. Eggers took horror audiences by storm with […]

10 Underrated French Movies That Everybody Should See

The French have long held their place as the arbiters of many things, from the inimitable architecture of The Eiffel Tower and gothic design of The Notre-Dame, to the precious vineyards of Bordeaux and masterful paintings of The Louvre, but if there’s anything they’ve succeeded in since its inception, it’s the intangible artistry that flickers […]