10 Underrated 2022 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

In 2022, moviegoers were treated with a bounty of instant classics at the multiplex that proved that cinema is alive and well. Many high-profile blockbusters that earned impressive box-office receipts and discourse magnets that were showered in accolades have already been discussed at length in the many round-up lists you will come across around this […]

10 Great 2022 Movies That Should Have Been Nominated For Best Picture

The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards were announced on January 24th, and as usual, there were plenty of major surprises and shocking snubs across all categories that raised some eyebrows and irritated movie fans. All 10 of the Best Picture hopefuls that managed to score a nomination this year, led by the fan-favorite and […]

The 10 Most Underrated Comedy Movies of The 2010s

When people think of the golden age of comedy movies, they often reference the Marx Brothers’ 1930s or Bill Murray’s 1980s. Some critics relish in assigning reductive, patronising labels: “you couldn’t make a film like that any more,” “it was of its time,” “that was back when movies were still good,” “the industry was different […]

All 12 John Waters Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Baltimore native John Waters made both “Pink Flamingos,” one of the most censored and shocking films ever, and the beloved family-friendly film with a positive message, “Hairspray.” Dubbed by the press, critics, fellow filmmakers, and fans: “The Prince of Puke,” “The Pope of Trash,” “Anal Anarchist” and the “Ayatollah of Crud,” he has more titles […]