10 Great Underrated 1970s American Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t Seen

Though we all know America wasn’t the only country putting out solid cinema through the the 1970s, one cannot deny that Hollywood was going through a new golden period. Independent features and major studio films alike were garnering critical acclaim while also getting bums on to cinema seats, in what was arguably the richest and […]

10 Great 1960s Western Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t Seen

The ’60s was an incredible decade for the Westerns. It was an exciting time for the genre as Sergio Leone and John Ford kept delivering their masterpieces, and films like Sam Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch’ were a game changer for everyone. It’s all too obvious since there were so many great films, some ended up […]

10 Great Underrated 1990s American Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t Seen

As a teenager in the 1990s, one was aware that American cinema was experiencing something of a golden renaissance, a period in which indie cinema and mainstream blockbusters could exist together and get along. There was room for both, and in fact the average cinema buff could healthily sample the mainstream and the independent, and […]

The 10 Best Western Movies of The 1960s

When assembling a chronological list of the ten best Westerns of the 1960s, one thing seems abundantly clear: the middle years of the decade are surprisingly barren. The first few years of the 1960s feel massively different stylistically to the outstanding Westerns of 1969; as if the assassination of President Kennedy had fractured America’s self-belief […]