10 Great War Movies Recommended By Christopher Nolan

It’s safe to say that Christopher Nolan holds a special place in film lover’s hearts. In a groundbreaking career that now spans 25 years, the British maestro has etched a permanent place in movie history as one of a select few to have ever achieved widespread critical adoration and sustained mainstream popularity, which in turn […]

The 10 Best Movies Directed By William Friedkin


It’s hard to say something about William Friedkin that hasn’t been said. One of the greatest filmmakers emerging from the New Hollywood movement. James Gray once called him “The greatest living filmmaker of America”. He came from the world of documentaries and found a way to mix his documentary-style naturalism sensibilities with blockbuster entertainment, delivering […]

The 10 Most Bizarre Movies of All Time

The Holy Mountain

Transitioning from the tangible to the unimaginable, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, cinematic art often unveils those mysteries that remain beyond conventional perception. Films with unconventional, whimsical approaches and eccentric plots stand out from the crowd, blurring the boundaries of reality and transforming abstract ideas into tangible images. But what makes these films so […]

10 Underrated 1980s Action Movies You Proabably Haven’t Seen

The decade that brought us the first installments of franchises “Die Hard”, “Lethal Weapon”, “Police Story”, “First Blood/Rambo”, and “Beverly Hills Cop”. That alone shows what a decade it was for the genre. Paul Verhoeven gave us “RoboCop”, John Carpenter has blessed us with “Escape from New York” and “Big Trouble in Little China” and […]

10 Reasons Why “Oppenheimer” Is a Modern Masterpiece

Christopher Nolan’s three-hour biographical drama starring Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the famed theoretical physicist who played a pivotal role in developing the first atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan Project in World War II, finally hit cinemas on July 21. Based on the non-fiction novel “American Prometheus” and led by a powerhouse […]