10 Great Slasher Movies You May Have Never Seen

Alone in the Dark (1982)

Slashers are a particular subgenre of horror films that are not always original. The formula can be very simple; somebody in mask comes and kills everybody one by one. However, recently, as obvious from “Happy Death Day” films, it’s always possible to put an original spin into it. “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, “Black Christmas” and […]

10 Great Films That Didn’t Receive a Single Oscar Nomination This Year

It’s never possible to satisfy everyone with awards or film listings, because tastes are always different, but you at least hope that some of your favorite films are in contention to get at least a little bit of recognition. Unfortunately, more often than not they come up short. This year was the same. To be […]

10 Great Noir Films You May Have Never Seen

The film historian Sheri Chinen Biesen writes in her book “Blackout” that there are two separate strains of film noir—one arose during wartime, the other followed it: “These early noir films created a psychological atmosphere that in many ways marked a response to an increasingly realistic and understandable anxiety – about war, shortages, changing gender […]

10 Great Psychological Thrillers You’ve Probably Never Seen

Many people have always had a certain fascination for and curiosity about violence and calamity. Psychological thrillers not only give us those delicious cinematic thrills where we find ourselves in an unusual and suspenseful atmosphere, but they also make us explore the mind and the psychology of broken minds, souls, and morally ambiguous people. We […]