The 10 Most Underrated Movies From Horror Masters

There had been lots of attempts to introduce old-school horror masters to the younger generations, from the show “Masters of Horror” to documentaries like “In Search of Darkness”. While some filmmakers like John Carpenter are still well-known and beloved, some others are rarely being discussed anymore which is a shame. As great as Jordan Peele, […]

All 12 Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

In the late 1990s, there was a short-lived TV show about the movie industry titled “Action” starring Jay Mohr, who ironically stars in the latest Damon/Affleck feature “Air”. The show was great enough with some sharp writing but it didn’t last long. In one episode, a character complains about how it’s hard to write a […]

10 Great Winter Thriller Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

About a decade ago, there was research where scientists found evidence that physical coldness activates a need for psychological warmth and then that’s why most people go and rent romantic movies for that. Watching a lovely romance film is always cool, of course, but some of us love to watch dark things going on in […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked “Dahmer – Monster”

Netflix and Ryan Murphy found an unexpected hit in “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ”. The critics were no fan of the show except for the sixth episode and the show got further criticism from some of the surviving family members of Dahmer’s victims. However, the accusations of a sensationalistic approach didn’t bother […]