10 Great Arthouse Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

There are numerous art-house films that have either been neglected or underappreciated. From existential dramas to suspenseful thriller, here is a list of some hidden gems of the art-house cinema that you have probably never seen.   10. La Luna (1979) Directed by the legendary Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci (“Il Conformista”,”Last Tango in Paris”), “La […]

25 Great Movies That Are Cornerstones of Cinema

From the time the Lumière brothers started experimenting at capturing and storing everyday realities in moving frames to the cinema of the 21st century, we have traveled through decades of advancement. This had been made possible by early pioneers who realized the potential of cinema at such a time, and with careful observation and experimentation, […]

10 Great Recent Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

There are many things for which the world of horror is understandably recognized—chills, frights, and beastly delights abound in this cinematic macrocosm of inexplicable noises and bumps in the night. Yet a seemingly endless saturation of retreaded concepts, polemical contrivance, and botched attempts at nuance may leave more astutely inclined moviegoers with the impression that […]

10 Famous Movies That Didn’t Know How To End

So many great films have, for one reason or another, been given less than satisfying endings. Whether it’s because of classic Hollywood censorship or simply a questionable decision from the filmmaker, many of these movies may leave viewers feelings disappointed. However, every film on this list is worth watching in spite of their disappointing endings. […]