10 Great Recent Horror Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

There’s little question in the minds of critics and audiences alike that the horror revolution is in full swing. While the turn of the century saw many questioning the genre’s viability in film—and severely doubting if there were anymore unique horror stories left to be told—recent years have proven to be quite the spooky renaissance, […]

10 Great Recent Sci-fi Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Part one of this list was an absolute hit, so it seemed natural to produce a second part. It’s pretty easy to do so considering the fact that obscure sci-fi movies are surprisingly common. That’s because Hollywood movies take precedent while the low-budget movies get dumped into VOD hell. Everybody’s going to see Captain Marvel […]

10 Great Movie Classics You May Have Never Seen

While many films, like Citizen Kane and Chinatown, become considered classics immediately upon their release, others aren’t appreciated until they’re rediscovered many years later. The following list is a selection of films that just might be considered on par with films like The Godfather upon reevaluation.   1. Bigger than Life (1956) A young Jean-Luc […]