The 10 Most Underrated Crime Movies of the 1980s

Quentin Tarantino dubbed: “‘80s cinema, along with the ‘50s, the worst era in Hollywood history. In the ‘80s, it was self-censorship. It was the rise of political correctness after the ‘70s, where everything was just ‘go as far as you can. ’Then, all of a sudden, everything got watered down. Everything was cynical, then, in […]

All 9 Pablo Larraín Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

For the past two decades, Pablo Larraín has been crafting unconventional historical dramas. Although these films have always received strong reviews, the Chilean director didn’t achieve international success until the release of 2016’s Jackie. Since then, cinephiles have sought to hunt down his non-English works in an attempt to get the bigger picture. If you […]

The 10 Best Netflix Original Movies of 2022

2022 was a roller-coaster year for Netflix packed with all-time highs and all-time lows. Amidst concerning news that the streaming service plans to roll out a new password-crackdown strategy, the future seems as uncertain as ever when it comes to its distribution tactics. Though its business model often relies on quantity at the expense of […]

The 10 Most Underrated Movies From Horror Masters

There had been lots of attempts to introduce old-school horror masters to the younger generations, from the show “Masters of Horror” to documentaries like “In Search of Darkness”. While some filmmakers like John Carpenter are still well-known and beloved, some others are rarely being discussed anymore which is a shame. As great as Jordan Peele, […]