The 20 Sexiest Movies of All Time

Intriguing plots, erotic atmospheres, underlying sexual tension, graphic scenes. Films about love and lust tangle in the fine line between porn and art or creating such a strong, sexual atmosphere through their characters and surroundings that no erotic scene is needed. To describe most of these films merely as sexy would be a huge understatement […]

All 9 Guillermo del Toro Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Gothic, mythological worlds. Fairy tales and bizarre monstrosities. Gorgeously ornate set designs. Religious undercurrents and outcast heroes. Mexican fantasy horror icon Guillermo del Toro is not only known for sharing an obsession for the grotesque, the imperfect and misunderstood, but also for the empathetic, immersive experiences his conveys through their dynamics. Since his 1993 feature […]

The 10 Best British Movies About Revolution And Rebellion

Britain is perhaps not a country usually associated with revolution (not counting that big ol’ industrial one), but certainly in British art there is strong feeling of resistance and critique on the establishment, or other ruling groups. With this in mind, I have collated a list of films which I feel encompass this revolutionary spirit, […]

The 25 Best Crime Movies of The 21st Century (So Far)

For fans of the crime genre, the 21st century has thus far been an exciting, variable, and enjoyably unpredictable era. Certain prolific filmmakers, like Martin Scorsese, has continued to make some of the best gangster films around, making good on the potential he promised in the 90s with masterpieces like Goodfellas (1990), and Casino (1995), […]

All 24 Francis Ford Coppola Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Francis Ford Coppola’s lengthy filmography is a rich if bumpy road filled with landmark classics, fascinating experiments, overindulgent (yet watchable) experiments, passable money jobs and a couple of unforgivable abominations too. As an ardent member of the ‘movie brats’ circle in the 70s that represented a new wave of exciting filmmakers that changed the industry […]