10 Recent Movies That Got the Double Standard Treatment

Underappreciated movies are nothing new here at Taste of Cinema. We’ve compiled countless lists pointing the flaws in the critics’ rating system or blaming the “go with the flow” mentality some have embraced. However, while a few of these pieces have been redeemed by the public, many have not received justice. Why? Mainly because, during […]

The 10 Best Vampire Movies of The 21st Century (So Far)

let the right one in

For moviegoers, the past 17 years have been rather generous in terms of blood thirsty monsters. If, by the end of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the standard Hollywood vampire had become almost human and most definitely sexualized, the ‘80s and ‘90s veered the current by adding an extra dose of “coolness” and some savagery to […]

20 Recent Horror Movies That Make You Wonder Who The Villain Is

Much like the dance parties in the early 60s, most horror films come with a twist. From demonic possessions to more subtle enemies, every bad guy will throw the occasional red herring, trying to mislead our heroes and make them doubt their own sanity. Classics such as the “The Others” or the Bill Paxton thriller […]

20 Recent Horror Movies With Unusual Antagonists

Demons. Vampires. Werewolves. Mummies. The horror genre has them all. More so, thanks to Stephen King’s dramatization as well as subsequent creature movies, even clowns have become a common scare. From secluded geeks to talking dolls, anyone and anything can become a horror movie villain, as long as they’re fueled by fear and special effects. […]