10 Great Movies That Used The Rashomon Effect

Akira Kurosawa’s 1950’s classic “Rashomon” was groundbreaking for several reasons. Even if the Japanese director had been making films successfully since the 1940s, “Rashomon” was the true breakthrough for him on his home turf, with awards accolades and critical recognition occurring immediately. Add to that, it was the first Japanese movie to really be successful […]

10 Movie Trilogies That Get Better With Each Film

Since the invention of the rules of storytelling, the established formula for a satisfying tale is the three-act structure: beginning, middle and end. It’s no surprise then that the template for a complete series of movies is that of the three-parter. It’s been done time and time again yet usually due to studio’s milking successful […]

10 Visually Stunning Yet Terrible Movies

That classic case of ’style over substance’ has been a criticism thrown at films since the inception of the medium, although it really became a prominent occurrence since the rise of the ‘MTV generation’ in the 80s as music video and commercial directors got snatched up solely for their impressive visual aesthetic and not much […]

All 9 Best Picture Oscar Nominees From 2017 Ranked From Worst to Best

Fionn Whitehead - Dunkirk

2017 was groundbreaking for Hollywood and the film industry in several ways, slightly devastating, even – amongst the sex scandals and the rise of streaming as rival to cinemas, it was almost as if the precedent had been twisted in ways that will see much change in the coming year. But what about the quality […]

10 Movie Roles That Nearly Drove Actors Crazy

We’ve all laid witness to an actor dramatically claiming he ‘lost’ himself in a role. A statement like that could be dripping with pretension, yet what about the times where the concept wasn’t just accurate, but actually downplayed the whole ordeal? A great actor tends to fully inhabit their character, live in its shoes, think […]