10 Best Documentaries About Movies Every Cinephile Should See

Movie production breeds conflict. Films take years to make, involve thousands of people, ridiculous sums of money, and the biggest egos in the world. This combines for a chaotic environment where any misstep in the process means the loss of money, careers, reputations, and renown—the latter of which is most coveted. So much rides on […]

The 10 Saddest Movies of All Time


Sadness is anything but desirable, yet people will seek specific movies to harvest this emotion. It’s a phenomenon that could be attributed to the stagnated emotions of first world citizens, whose comfortable but mundane lives are deficient in the emotions that give a poignant meaning to existence. Or it’s a normal pursuit that unites all […]

The 10 Best Atheist Movies of All Time

The Master (2012)

For thousands of years, art was inseperable with religion. Religion had full dominion over culture, so aspiring expressionists could only seek inspiration from approved doctrine. In Christianity it was blasphemous to create anything not already in the Bible; and in Islam it was blasphemous to create . . . well . . . anything. Wonderful […]

20 Great Documentaries That Will Change Your Worldview

Bowling for Columbine

Unlike other artforms, documentaries don’t hide their agendas. The documentarian begins with a conviction, and the purpose of the film is to convince the viewer of the truth of said conviction, regardless of its actual veracity. Not all documentarians are like this. Some, who believe in the unbiased pursuit of truth, produce honest but boringly […]