10 Great Movies With Morally Ambiguous Protagonists

Morally ambiguous protagonists have been a staple in stories and films. It is easy to see why: it’s interesting to follow a person whose morals differ from the norm. Cinema, as an art-form well-suited for putting the viewer in a whole different world, has thus used protagonists with rather interesting morals with great success across […]

10 Great European Horror Movies You May Have Never Seen

Borgman (2013)

Europe and horror go a long way. Already in the 1920’s we see the German Expressionist movement, which is responsible for such classics as ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Golem’ or ‘Dr Caligari’. From there on out horror was there to stay and occasionally flair up; like the Giallo films from Italy and the New French Extremity starting […]

10 Awesome Movies By Great Directors You’ve Probably Never Seen

Even the greatest and most well-known directors have created movies that fly under the radar, for one reason or another. Sometimes they simply made a movie in their home-country before they became big abroad, or they put together a film with little to no funds before their career got started. Sometimes a smaller movie simply […]