10 Awesome Movies By Great Directors You’ve Probably Never Seen

Even the greatest and most well-known directors have created movies that fly under the radar, for one reason or another. Sometimes they simply made a movie in their home-country before they became big abroad, or they put together a film with little to no funds before their career got started. Sometimes a smaller movie simply […]

The 15 Best Arthouse Sci-fi Films of All Time

Under The Skin (2014)

Art-house films are usually smaller films aimed at niche markets. Many art-house directors and producers create films for artistic value, they have something to say and have more value beyond mere entertainment. Though some art-house films can also be incredibly entertaining. Art-house often transcends genres, or utilises multiple genres to create unique films. In this […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films You Might Have Never Seen

Science-fiction is a broad genre. It gives filmmakers the room to think and work with unique concepts and ideas, because the idea of the future opens up almost all possibilities. It also creates opportunities to explore the human condition, and leaves room for questions about such profound topics as the meaning of life, consciousness, what […]