6 Reasons Why “Elle” Is Paul Verhoeven’s Comeback Movie

Elle is one of the most daring, confronting and thoughtful films of 2016. Some might find it hard to believe that director Paul Verhoeven, known for Basic Instinct (1992) and Showgirls (1995), was behind such a film as Elle. It is antithetical in style and substance from these predominantly exploitative, blunting films. That is, Verhoeven […]

10 Great Directors Who Are Currently Dwindling

worst Woody Allen movies

It is not uncommon for great artists to have periods where their work does not match that which gave them artistic credibility in the first place. It has happened to authors, painters, composers and directors. And, in some cases, directors have naturally declined with age (hence why Tarantino is committed to retrieving after 10 films). […]

Top 15 Best Australian Actors


The input of Australians in both local and international film has sometimes been woefully ignored, or misappropriated. Nevertheless, there have been many fantastic Australian films (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Mad Max, Chopper) made solely by Australian talents, and also significant contributions in American and international cinema, as directors (George Miller, Peter Weir), cinematographers (John Seale, […]

7 Reasons Why “The Neon Demon” Is A Huge Disappointment

most disappointing movies 2016

Nicholas Winding Refn is a director with a very fixed vision. Some people will inevitably be in awe of it. Others may reject it as ‘style over substance’. Refn’s most recent film, The Neon Demon, is an attempted examination of the modelling scene in L.A. While this has certainly been done before, Refn calls upon […]