All 9 Thomas Vinterberg Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

In 1995, Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg announced the birth of a cinematic movement called Dogme 95. The movement set up a list of rules aiming to move cinema away from the corporate ways of Hollywood and its ”technical gimmicks”. The Dogme films had to concentrate on the storyline and the performances […]

The 20 Sexiest Movies of All Time

Intriguing plots, erotic atmospheres, underlying sexual tension, graphic scenes. Films about love and lust tangle in the fine line between porn and art or creating such a strong, sexual atmosphere through their characters and surroundings that no erotic scene is needed. To describe most of these films merely as sexy would be a huge understatement […]

The 20 Best Movies That Explore Female Sexuality

Trapped in a patriarchal society, the concept of female sexuality has suffered a lot and is still considered a big taboo. It is diminished and very easily misunderstood. In various countries women are still shamed for expressing their sexuality, even punished for it. In addition, women are continually being objectified and misrepresented by the media, […]