10 Highly Anticipated Future Productions By Acclaimed Directors

Normally, Taste of Cinema is a platform for looking into the glorious (or not so glorious) past of cinema. This list will take an opposite approach and examine some future productions by acclaimed directors.   10. First Man (Damien Chazelle) After his surpassing success of “La La Land”, Damien Chazelle has another iron in the […]

The 10 Best Electronic Film Scores of All Time

Since the invention of electronic instruments in the 1960s, a giant multiplicity of genres had evolved. With the huge possibilities regarding the synthesis of futuristic sounds, it doesn’t surprise that electronic instruments established themselves as essential part of movie scoring. The following list will name the 10 best all-electronic scores of all time. It only […]

All 10 Christopher Nolan Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

The Prestige

Ranking the movies of London-born director Christopher Nolan is a difficult task, especially regarding the fact that he’s never made a totally bad movie. Other directors would be glad to include even his less brilliant films in their oeuvres. But what separates Nolan from other filmmakers of his kind? Over the years he’s developed a […]

The 10 Most Disturbing Film Scores of All Time


There are plenty of disturbing themes a movie can have, but without the correspondent acoustic part, the film couldn’t unfold its full range of fright. While a lot of movies, especially uninspired and cliche-dripping horror films, rely on sleazy shock moments, the real brilliance and power of musical scariness lays in something more subtle. The […]

All 17 Oscar-Winning Scores of the 21st Century Ranked from Worst to Best

The Hateful Eight movie review

The 21st century has offered some of the best soundtracks ever composed. While hundreds of movies and scores are released each year, only a very illustrious circle of works offers an innovative and barnstorming approach while emerging from the unclear and chock-full ocean of cinematic music. Ranking all the Oscar-winning scores of this century isn’t […]